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Boy and girl playing with puppets in the Hanging Doorway Puppet Theater

Top 5 Gifts for the Storyteller

A child’s day is filled with so many new experiences. Bringing their toys to life gives them a world that’s all their own, one that they can control and make sense of through storytelling adventures. As they create stories for their baby dolls, stuffed animals, or Little Friends, children can reenact the scenes they see around them, promoting storytelling and language development. Not to mention, that this type of play encourages your child to be kind, caring, and empathetic while also nurturing their narrative thinking and social skills. With a gift from our storyteller collection, you can be certain that wild stories will be shared and imaginations will run wild! 
Doorway Puppet Theater

Hanging Doorway Puppet Theater

At any minute during playtime, your child can bust out into a thrilling performance with this easy to install doorway puppet theater. Let them be the stars of the show and get ready for encores! This colorful and well-designed doorway theater stimulates children's imagination and creativity and is wonderfully detailed with a cute porthole at the top for a puppet to make a surprise appearance or introduce the next act. There is even a vibrant red curtain that comes with tie backs to unveil the show, and a little pocket window to display the name of the act! Take a bow for giving them a gift that will last for years of creative play. 

Soft 12 inch Doll Soley

Soley 12 Inch Soft Doll

Having a doll with you when you head out on an adventure encourages your children to narrate the expedition and makes it more fun! And whatever the adventure of the day is, our soft doll Soley will be ready. This adorably adventurous friend is all dressed up for the outdoors with her sporty hiking shoes, cozy fleece jacket, and bright scarf.  A great friend that will always be by a child's side ready for cuddles. Give the gift of a good friend and ignite their imagination. 

Little Friends Camping Bundle

Little Friends Camping Adventure Bundle

Winter is a bit cold to get out there in the great outdoors but with our Little Friends camping bundle, kids can keep camping all year long in their imaginations! This set includes everything they need to pack up and create an amazing adventure for the Little Friends, even for their pets. Think of all the possibilities and places they'll travel as their own majestic world comes to life in your home!
Pasta Play Food Set with Felt Food and Blue Pasta Pot

Pasta Time Play Food Set

Encourage a love of cooking and add a dash of imagination to the play kitchen. This play food is extra special because of it's soft texture making it a great sensory play set. And who doesn't love a good pasta dinner night, whether butterfly or ribbon, pasta is always a treat. Buon appetito!

Eat it Up Croco Puppet

Eat it Up Dragon Glove Puppet

This is one of our most beloved puppets with educators and families all over the world because it actually can gobble things up and make them disappear into its built in "belly bag." But watch out, this dragon has a huge appetite! Designed with adorable fabric and different textures, this puppet even has eyes that can move independently of each other. Get ready for roars of delight and some fire-breathing fun with this gift that will truly bring home the gift of stories!

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