HABA Baby's First Dolls

Baby's First Dolls

There’s something so special and timeless about your baby’s first doll. Fortunately, at HABA USA, our My First Baby Doll collection is full of adorable friends your little one won’t be able to put down. These HABA dolls won’t just entertain your child for hours now; they’ll grow with them, keeping them company from infancy to their preschool years and even beyond.

My First Baby Doll

Baby dolls are magical in that they allow children to see their world from a variety of perspectives. With these HABA dolls, your child can find the perfect little friend to call My First Baby Doll, then spend years acting out everyday scenes with them.

For instance, our mini Matteo may be a perfect match for your love bug if they love receiving squishy hugs all day long. Our Snug Up Jada doll, on the other hand, might instantly become their best friend if they’re looking for a playmate offering plenty of cuddles and just as much entertainment. Who says your child can’t build their interaction, communication, and problem-solving skills and have fun at the same time? With our fluffy and soft dolls, your child can have it all!


At HABA USA, we are proud to specialize in high-end, educational children’s toys and games. Since the 1930s, our family-run business has built a reputation for offering durable toys designed in Germany. These toys stand out for their long-lasting and open-ended play value, and they’re the perfect way to connect parents, children, and other family members across generations.

We believe in the quality of our toys and games so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take your child’s playtime and growth to new heights with our educational toys at HABA USA today! Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest offerings.