Montessori Toys

All of our toys are designed to encourage and inspire children's innate sense of wonder and love for learning. Our collection of Montessori-inspired toys use natural materials, encourage repetition, model real-life, and allow kids to master important developmental skills. Becoming lifelong independent learners is a huge part of the Montessori method and our collection of Montessori-inspired toys help children on this journey.
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Why Are so Many HABA Toys Montessori Toys?

Our primary goal at HABA is to encourage children's innate sense of wonder and love for learning, so all of our kids toys are designed with that in mind. Many of our toys are made from wood, promote open-ended play, are fired by the imagination and not batteries, and encourage STEM learning.

We also have several lines of games, tools, and toys that promote independent play and learning. The most important quality for a Montessori toy and for all of our toys at HABA is that toys should spark curiosity while allowing for learning and growth.

Why Choose HABA USA?

HABA has been making toys that entertain, engage, and educate for 85 years. We believe that children are more important than anything else, so everything we create is designed to make a child’s eyes light up and help them have fun while learning and growing. We know the difference a toy can make in a child’s life— and we are committed to creating toys that unlock kids’ creativity, curiosity and sense of wonder.

Every toy and game we design— from carefully polished building blocks to walker wagons and dolls—is not only joyful for children to play with but fosters their development at the same time. HABA is recognized and celebrated the world over for our commitment to making high-quality, durable toys emphasizing social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


1. What Is a Montessori Toy?

The most important qualities of Montessori-inspired toys are that toys should spark curiosity while allowing for the repetition of skills that mirror those needed in a child’s daily life. Here are a few of the main characteristics of Montessori toys: they are often made of natural materials, do not have distracting noises, teach one skill at a time, are rooted in reality, are child-sized and serve a purpose, encourage independence, promote STEM learning and cause and effect, and encourage repetition.

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2.Why are Montessori Toys Important for Children's Development??

Montessori toys encourage children to work with a simple challenge repeatedly, allowing strong connections to emerge in their brain allowing learning to happen. As they master simple repetitive tasks, their dexterity improves, their spatial connections are enhanced, and then they can move onto more complex tasks. Montessori toys also encourage exploration and these toys allow them to test and experiment and make sense of the world.

3. What Should I Look for in Quality Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys are often made from sensory-rich natural materials and do not use batteries or have a lot of distracting lights or noises. The toy needs to be manipulated by the child so that they learn from the action created and then can make their own meaningful connections between cause and effect.

4. What Are some of the Best HABA Montessori Toys?

1. Basic Building Blocks 102 Piece Extra Large Wooden Starter Set 2. Set of Five Wooden Musical Eggs 3. Rainbow Whirls Wooden and Stacking Game 4. Geo Shape Tack Zap 5. Spielstabil Child-Sized Rakes and Shovels 6. Terra Kids Magnifying Glass 7. Town Maze Wooden Magnetic Game Puzzle 8. Wooden Marble Runs 9. Rainbow Caterpillar Counting Threading Game 10. Squirrel Pull Along Sorting Box