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Little Friends Accessories

Let the stories begin! Your little one will love these adorable dollhouse accessories. Check out our selection of high-end toy furniture and decorations for your child’s dollhouse! There are hours of playtime ahead and you’ll love watching your little one learn and play with their Little Friends dolls!

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Stylish Dollhouse Accessories & Decor

We understand that your children’s toys often creep into your “adult” living spaces. That’s why we take special care to make sure that our dollhouse decor is chic and stylish. Clean lines, minimalist designs, and neutral colors lend themselves to hours of imaginative play! If your child’s toys make their way into the kitchen, at least you’ll know that they don’t clash with the drapes.

Your child will love to go “shopping” with their Little Friends and buy some groceries! Or maybe they could pretend to be a veterinarian! One thing is for sure: they’ll need a little bed to sleep in. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

Put Them in Control with HABA USA

One of the best ways to teach children independence and decision-making skills is by giving them plenty of options to choose from! Whether that entails finding decals to go on their dollhouse walls or play sets that allow them to enact out a wide range of scenarios, HABA USA has got you covered.

With a little encouragement, even the most timid child will enjoy deciding where stickers should go or where to put the sofa. You might even find yourself joining in on the fun! 

Shop our selection of dollhouse accessories today and enjoy free shipping on orders over $75 with HABA USA!