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Pretend Play

One minute, your little chef is whipping up Michelin-star-worthy pizzas in their very own pizza parlor. The next, they’re busy guarding the fort against a quickly approaching enemy. Of course, no chef or knight can do their job without the right tools in tow, and that’s where we at HABA USA kids educational toys come in! With our pretend play toys, including kids’ pretend food and plush puppets, your little one can go on adventures nonstop, leaving them smiling from one day to the next.

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Surprise Them with Pretend Play Toys

Develop your child’s green thumb with our one-of-a-kind kids’ pretend food. Children ages 3 and up can easily learn about various kinds of vegetables and how to pluck them from a garden or prepare them for a delectable soup made just for you.

Once your child is finished cooking, they can lead a puppet storytime with their favorite stuffed animals, all thanks to our plush puppets! They get to decide whether the puppet is a hungry monster or a dragon with an insatiable appetite. Either way, they’ll have a blast re-enacting their favorite fairy tales or creating their own stories — stories that the whole world is hungry to hear!

Why Choose HABA USA?

At HABA USA, we operate based on the idea that children are more important than anything. We strive to create premium educational toys that will help them to develop into creative and imaginative people.

Our pretend play toys, designed in Germany, stand out for being long-lasting. They also offer long-lasting and open-ended play value due to promoting learning through play.

All in all, we at HABA USA value fairness, sustainability, and innovation, so you can always expect to find these core values reflected in our practices and products. Connect with us to find the perfect toys for your child today!