haba toys heart created from sustainably sourced wooden pieces
what makes us unique

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Your Childhood Makes You What You Are

At HABA, we know that play is a vital part of inspiring a child’s imagination and creativity, as well as encouraging skill development. Our goal is to provide toys that entertain, engage and educate children all over the world.

An Eye To The Future
Our Vision

Parents know that the experiences a child has in their formative years play a big part in determining who they will be as they get older. The toys they play with can be the keys that unlock their imaginations, their skills, and their interests. Our vision is to partner with families in providing stimulating, creative play experiences while maintaining high-quality and sustainable production practices.

haba toys girl playing with logic master wood building blocks
haba toys boy playing with farm wooden threading game
haba toys father and daughter laughing playing with mali soft doll
haba toys group of children playing with doorway puppet theater
Education through play
Our Mission

Children can do anything. We’re here to inspire, encourage and open new doors.

Playtime is about fun, but it’s also much more than that. It shows children how to create their own stories, how to master things like sharing and taking turns, and can even enhance both physical skills and life skills. HABA FAMILYGROUP combines over 80 years of experience with forward-thinking design to show children they can do anything and be anything they can imagine.

Our Values

Growing together with families

Everything we do is with children and families in mind. Our sincere belief that they deserve only the best motivates us to set high standards for ourselves. Our values promote a common identity across the HABA FAMILYGROUP and speak to who we are and how we meet challenges.

haba toys girl laughing playing with cari soft doll


We are rooted in our history, yet still focused on the future. We make an effort to be aware of what we are doing well and where we can improve.

haba toys group of children playing together with large balloons

Team Spirit

We are a family, working together to create unique items every day.

haba toys boy peaking through creative stones wood building blocks


We work to please the most important audience of all – children and their parents – and dedicate ourselves to their satisfaction.

haba toys boy floating terra kids cork boat on river

Future Oriented

We care about the environment, use resources responsibly, and focus on how we can contribute to a better future.