HABA's Commitment to

& Environmental Protection

Designing for Future Generations

Working in Harmony with Nature

We make our products today with an eye on tomorrow. That’s why sustainable production and environmental awareness are hallmarks of everything we do.

Energy Footprint

Like every other medium-sized company, the HABA FAMILYGROUP has a huge energy requirement, especially as it has its own production facilities. But the special thing about its energy footprint is this: The HABA FAMILYGROUP is not only an energy consumer, but also its own energy supplier. Heat is needed for heating the various buildings as well as for drying timber in the company's own drying chamber. This heat is generated almost exclusively by burning residual wood such as wood chips or scrap material.

Sustainable Technology

HABA FAMILYGROUP relies on sustainable building technology, including geothermal heat exchangers, solar power, and rainwater collection for use in sanitary facilities.


Just as we love to see children grow, we love to see nature thrive as well. At the HABA FAMILYGROUP headquarters, you’ll see seasonal flower beds on the roof, a pond with natural reed growth, a meadow orchard and a garden with greenhouse. Nesting boxes attached to silos and high-bay warehouses are home to many different bird species.

Sustainable Toy Development

HABA toys are designed and constructed with durability and stability in mind, using sustainable production methods. Many HABA products are geared to help introduce children to the wonders of nature and inspire environmental awareness.

Partners in Preserving the Environment

HABA FAMILYGROUP emphasizes ecological awareness when it comes to purchasing materials and parts, relying on trusted partners to work with us to in an environmentally safe way.

Maintaining Our Forests

With so much of our production relying on a supply of beech wood, we are active in making sure trees are sustainable from the beginning of their life cycle. We regularly play a role in the reforestation of local land.

Environmentally Friendly Production

We make all our products with an eye toward the conservation of natural resources, environmental protection, energy efficiency and occupational safety.