Caring for Your Toys

We all know that toys can sometimes need a bit of cleaning after playtime. But different kinds of toys require different kinds of cleaning, based on the material they are made of. Here are our tips for cleaning HABA toys:

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys can be cleaned using a cloth with a small amount of warm water. If needed, a mild dish soap can be used. Dry the toy thoroughly with a clean cloth. Do not use alcohol-based or bleach-based disinfectants, as these can damage the protective coating of the toy. Do not submerge wooden toys in water or place in dishwasher.

Silicone Toys

All silicone toys are dishwasher safe. They can also be hand washed with hot water, mild dish detergent or they can be dropped into a pan of boiling water for one minute. Do not use a home sterilizer to clean, as steam is not a recommended means of cleaning silicone.

Dolls and Plush Baby Items

HABA’s plush toys can be hand washed or put into a washing machine on gentle cycle, warm water. Air dry for best results. We recommend inserting the dolls and/or doll clothing into a pillowcase or washing bag before putting into the washing machine with other items.