Best Toys for Your Child’s Development By Age

Best Toys for Your Child’s Development By Age

There are so many toys out there and it can be hard to resist scooping them all up! But ensuring you're buying just the right toy for the age and stage of the child you're shopping for makes the task easier and more satisfying for everyone. That "just right" toy should be well-suited for each stage of a child’s development, as well as nurturing their evolving interests and abilities, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive list of the best developmental toys for children in every age group! Keep in mind that each child develops at their own pace and many of our toys will be played with throughout lots of the stages and beyond.

For Birth to 6 Months

The Best Developmental Toys For Birth to 6 Months

Babies love to observe their surroundings, and they are especially drawn to brightly-colored objects and people’s faces. They love to explore what their feet and hands can do, lift, and turn their heads toward interesting sounds, put things in their mouths, and more!

Our Top Five HABA Picks for Birth to 6 Months:

1. Color Fun Play Gym Activity Center

2. Guardian Angel Mini Doll Mara

3. Rainbow Activity Spiral Stroller Toy

4. Koala Discovery Hanging Toy

5. Snug up Doll Luisa 8" First Doll

For 7 to 12 MonthsThe Best Developmental Toys For 7 to 12 Months

When shopping for tioys by age, keep in mind that older babies are always on the go. They’re constantly rolling over, sitting, scooting, bouncing, pulling themselves up, and even standing! Children around this age are beginning to understand common words, love finding hidden objects, and can point to body parts and stack objects.

Our Top Five HABA Picks for 7 to 12 Months:

1. Snug Up Soft Doll Jada

2. Magica Wooden Clutching Toy

3. Rainbow Fabric Baby Ball

4. Tirili Grasping Toy

5. Elephant Discovery Pillow

For 1 Year OldThe Best Developmental Toys For 1 Year Old

When your little one hits their first year, they can’t wait to start walking and climbing. They love stories and experimenting, too, so the best developmental toys help them foster those skills!

Our Top Five HABA Picks for One Year Old:

Basic Building Blocks- 26 Piece Starting Set

Squirrel Pull Along Toy Sorting Box

Farmyard Play Cube

Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks

Lighthouse Wooden Rainbow Stacker 

For Two Years OldThe Best Developmental Toys For Two Years Old

At two years old, your child is working hard to expand their vocabulary. They also have an urge for adventure and may be making you work to keep up! Toddlers love to climb, hang, roll, and tumble, and they’ve mastered the use of their hands and fingers. They are beginning to develop a real understanding of cause and effect and early social interactions.

Our Top Five HABA Picks for Two Years Old:

My Very First Games- First Orchard

Maxime Baby Doll

Musical Eggs

Town Maze Magnetic Game

Play World at the Zoo

For 3 to 5 Years OldThe Best Developmental Toys For 3 to 5 Years Old

Preschoolers and kindergartners love to chat and will have plenty of questions. They want to experiment with things and test their physical skills, so keep that in mind when searching for the best developmental toys for this age group!

Our Top Five HABA Picks for Three to Five Years Old:

Little Friends Out and About Playset

Coburg 28 Piece Wooden Building Blocks

Summer Meadow Doll Carrier

Kullerbu Sim-Sala-Kling Wooden Track Set

Hanging Doorway Puppet Theater

For 6 Years Old and Up

The Best Developmental Toys For 6 Years Old and Up

The sky is the limit for this age group who are learning new things every single day. Games engage their interest in strategy and they are ready to explore the world around them and understand what makes it all tick. At this age, children are developing their own interests now, so try to find toys tailored to their budding pursuits. Some kids like doing do it yourself projects; others love crafts or playing with dolls. 

  • Toys that encourage them to develop their brain and reasoning like our logic games  or other strategy games. 
  • Toys that help reinforce what they are learning in a fun and interesting way, like magnetic sets and games that encourage literacy.
  • Toys that help them continue to develop empathy and nurture storytelling, like dolls and our Little Friends collection. 
  • Toys that get them to interact and notice the outside world like our line of Terra Kids toys.

Our Top Five HABA Toys for Six Years and Up:

Capt'n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy!

Logic! CASE Starter Set 6+

Hubelino Big Building Box Set

Terra Kids Cork Boat DIY Activity Kit

Logical Master Builder Blocks

No matter what toy you choose, we hope you know that HABA is there for you. We know the difference a toy can make in a child’s life and we are committed to creating toys that unlock kids’ creativity, curiosity, and sense of wonder. Every toy and game we design is not only joyful for children to play with but fosters their development at the same time.

At HABA, we believe that small moments of connection open up worlds of possibilities and create lasting memories. We want to celebrate the endless stories and laughter that our toys inspire. Let's play, giggle, and create worlds of imaginary play that will set kids on a path of curiosity and learning to make the world a more joyful place.

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