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A Lifetime of Play: Heritage Toys from HABA

A Lifetime of Play: Heritage Toys from HABA

If you ask anyone about their favorite childhood toy, there's no doubt that you'll immediately receive a clear description, perhaps with the toy's name, several stories of that toy in action, and possibly where that toy is now. Whether it was a wooden wagon that carried all of the other toys around, (and possibly a few neighborhood cats), or a metal fire engine, or a tattered Velveteen Rabbit type stuffed animal that still stays propped on the pillow, these cherished toys all have one thing in common; they made an imprint on childhood and lasted through years of play. And let’s be honest – the “special” toys for most people usually weren’t the loudest or even the most popular at the time. They are classics that stand the test of time and the rigors of rough and tumble play.

HABA knows a thing or two about classic, cherished toys. After all, we’ve been making fine hand-crafted toys for 85 years. HABA has made it its mission to support children in their development from the very beginning, while at the same time providing them with long-lasting fun. Our heirloom quality products are often held onto and shared with younger siblings and other family members because some play experiences are so wonderful that they are repeated in every generation.

It's never too late to buy a classic for your own child or grandchild and so we have compiled a list of our favorite "Heritage Toys" that are all made in Germany using sustainable wood and made for years and years of play.  

  1. Since 1954, our Original Waddling Duck Pull Toy has accompanied children on their first steps and explorations. That makes it the oldest HABA toy still in production today. In fact, this classic toy is now being played with by the great-great grandchildren of our founder, Luise Habermaass!
  2. What toy chest would be complete without a set of beautifully crafted blocks! Our Basic Building Blocks Set is crafted from sustainably sourced solid beech wood to open imaginations and let generations of builders create castles, forts, or whatever else little architects can dream up! A true staple for years of open-ended play.
  3. Kids have been racing marbles forever and our Marble Ball Track Building Set, is a flexible and creative play system that plays well with others! Add dominoes, blocks, and stack things high and low for speedy fun for all ages. Marble runs never get old.
  4. This beautifully crafted Mosaic 3D Arranging Game is one that can be carried throughout the years from a playroom to an office. The bright colors that punctuate through the wood grain make this set not only beautiful but good for developing brains and family time. 
  5. A true HABA classic and a Montessori learning favorite, our Rainbow Whirls Pegging Board is a solid wooden board that will engage toddlers and preschoolers in creative, imaginative play while developing skills. With its bright colors and sturdy design, this is one of the toys that can be pulled out over and over again with each generation.
  6. There's something about the Magica Wooden Teether that has a timeless quality. And babies love this teether with it's just right size and bright colors. Not to mention the way it soothes their sore gums. 
  7. Although this is one of our newer products, it has the ring of a true HABA classic from the start. The Forest Friends Stacking Toy is not only a great stacking game but each piece adds so much character to a forest play set up from the sweet owl careening through the pine trees to the charming bears.
  8. At HABA, we love to stack wooden animals and so this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning one of our bestselling wooden games, Animal upon Animal. We love this game so much we even created a holiday version complete with fir trees and festive stars! 


    We hope you enjoy this list of some of our favorite German-made toys that will last for years of play!

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