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Girl playing with Logical Master Builder Blocks

Top 5 Gifts for the Engineer

There is no question, kids love to build, create, and engineer. As kids build with blocks and create marble runs and tracks, they learn to use their mind and hands to problem-solve. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But picking up those pieces and trying again is what makes children resilient. Because little stuff becomes big stuff, one block at a time. Patience, grit, imagination, trust, confidence…these are just some of the skills that open up when your child creates giant structures and elaborate worlds. Our collection of toys for kids who love to build, design, and engineer is towering and each one makes a show-stopping gift to encourage creativity and the wild rumpus of open-ended play! Shop the Engineer Collection

Basic Building Blocks Set

Large Building Block Set

At HABA, we believe every child should have a good set of blocks as a foundational toy. Our Large Building Block set has everything kids need to unleash their inner builder. Beautifully crafted in Germany from sustainable wood, these classic wooden blocks are ideal for building your child’s engineering skills early on, while also honing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Let them build castles, palaces, temples, and worlds of imagination!

Hubelino Expansion Set

Hubelino Twister Expansion Kit

Hubelino marble runs and building sets engage tinkers and thinkers and breath new life into typical building play. Kids will delight in making balls whoosh and whirl while learning about momentum and other early physics lessons. The world of Hubelino is filled with cool add-on sets and run elements to keep little builders rolling. The sets all come in a solid cardboard carrying case with partitions for storing the bricks and allowing kids to carry them to play everywhere they go. Made in Germany, these building sets are compatible with standard bricks offered by other manufacturers. 

Large Marble Run

Marble Run Large Set

Let them roll through the thrilling world of marble run building with this large marble run set that will keep things moving and shaking for years of play. Built in Germany from sustainable wood, this set has everything needed to get kids thinking abut structural engineering and spatial design. Who would think problem-solving could be so much fun? An exciting marble run building set that is both entertaining and educational, it even has a bell to ring as a signal of a successful run!

Kullerbu Construction Set

Kullerbu Construction Site Play Track Starter Set

The world of construction mixed with some roly poly fun is what makes this Kullerbu starter set so fun for kids and one of our bestsellers. With 2 momentum motor wheel trucks to carry or push ball "Ben" up or down the track, this set will keep young builders engaged for hours of fast moving play. This set can also be combined with our other Kullerbu track sets. 

Logical Master Builders

Logical Master Builder Blocks

Calling all future architects and city planners! With three difficulty levels, junior builders can choose one of the 16 template cards which shows a building from two different angles. Players then can try to re-create the building on the template board to make an always different, and always fascinating cityscape! 

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