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Baby in front of Christmas tree holding Rainbow Fabric Ball

Top 5 Gifts for Baby

Sharing the magic of the holidays with a baby is the ultimate gift. Everything’s new, everything goes into their mouths, and everything’s adorable! Providing your baby with a variety of stimulating, sensory experiences helps them reach new milestones. When babies can touch, pull, grasp, or push they begin to understand the world better. These toys need to work hard, be incredibly durable, and safe, which is what defines a HABA toy. So light up your baby’s first holiday with our collection of baby gifts that will not only make them belly laugh, but are designed to stimulate their senses while helping them learn and grow. Shop our collection for babies here.
Elephant Discovery Pillow


Elephant Discovery Pillow

More than a stuffed elephant, this cozy and cuddly soft pal is filled with a ton of ways to engage your baby from the rattle ring, mirror foil, crackly ears, teething ring to the little bird with a squeaker! All of these incredibly detailed touches invite babies to touch and explore while grasping new things. So take this elephant by the trunk and let it guide your baby toward snuggles, giggles, and heartwarming learning moments.

Rainbow Fabric Ball

Rainbow Fabric Ball

Squeeze it, shake it, roll it, and hold it close, this bestselling Rainbow Fabric Ball makes a gift that babies will not want to let go of. With 8 different colored and textured fabrics and filled with a squeaker, a rattle, and crinkle sounds, this soft ball is perfect for babies who are just beginning to figuring out their hands and hand-eye connections. Inspire and nourish their senses with a foundational gift that will keep all the balls in the air!   

Forest Friends Hanging Squirrel

Dangling Figure Forest Friends Squirrel

There's something extra charming about this little squirrel who has stopped gathering nuts to instead encourage giggles from your baby! When this fluffy forest friend moves, the rattle rings and the rainbow balls shake and roll. An ideal small gift to add color, sensory play, and movement to the crib, play pen, or stroller with its easy to attach fastening strap.

Tirili Grasping Toy

Tirili Grasping Toy

Grab, giggle, and squeeze! Bright and engaging, this rainbow colored toy will encourage the youngest learners to grasp and clutch. With sturdy elastic strings, babies will love pushing, pressing, and exploring all the ways this toy moves and bends. Beautifully crafted, this toy is designed for endless amusement and early skill development.

Guardian Angel Mini Doll

Guardian Angel Mini Doll

Tuck one of these sweet and hardworking mini guardian angels into your little ones stocking to ensure they are always being watched over with love. The Guardian Angel Mini Dolls are the ideal-sized friends to hold in a small hand or to tuck in a pocket or a backpack to bring anywhere comfort is needed. A perfect gift for your little angels! 

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