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2 girls at table playing HABA's First Orchard

Top 10 Games for Every Family

 A Few of Our Favorite Games from the HABA Team

Playing family games helps kids learn about following rules, cooperation, planning ahead, being a good sport, and did we mention, having fun? Providing opportunities to understand simple or complex strategy strengthens kids’ ability to engage in complex tasks, as well as developing sequencing and problem-solving skills.

At HABA we love to play and our huge range of games that span every age is proof. HABA games are truly in a league of their own, from the carefully designed wooden components to the tiny details that make our games stand out. Not to mention the themes; a parrot saving the world from evil pirates, card towers for a superhero rhino, castles in the clouds for unicorns, hedgehogs making costumes out of leaves, the list goes on and on! Our creative and beautifully designed games allow kids and adults to work together to solve problems and create the kind of bonding only play can bring.

So what’s more to love? Well, our staff at HABA has been playing these games with their families for a while now and although it was hard to choose just one, we asked what some of their favorites were and why. As family game night season hits a crescendo, we hope this list of our favorite games for family time helps you choose the best ones to add to your gaming library.

HABA First Orchard

My Very First Games: First Orchard

The pieces are just charming, feel good in your hands and we all win or lose together! It’s a great cooperative game that introduces kids to board games. -Christina, Graphic Designer

HABA Animal Upon Animal

Animal Upon Animal

Animal Upon Animal is an old school choice but there is something oddly satisfying about getting animals to balance on top of the stack of other animals!

–Bryon, Inventory and Facilities Manager

HABA Capt'n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy!

Capt’n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy!

It’s like a collaborative sliding puzzle that requires strong teamwork and communication. I love that you can play for just a little while but pick up where you left off, and the game increases in complexity as you go.

–Willie, CEO

HABA Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero

Our family tends towards the simpler games. I like that this one is good for all ages. I also like that it's quick and packs a big punch in a small box!

–Sara, E-Commerce Manager

HABA Here Fishy, Fishy!

My Very First Games: Here Fishy Fishy

There is something incredibly satisfying about “fishing” with a magnetic pole, not to mention the classic fun of the bingo element. I pull this game out whenever little ones come to visit or when we need some mindful and fun family time. It makes a great gift for all my friends with toddlers and I know it will last for many years of fishy fun!

-Liza, Copywriter

HABA Karuba


Karuba – it’s a no brainer! Mainly because my 11-year-old specifically asks to play this one. But it is fun for all four of us (kids 11 and 15) to match wits and try to out- fox the entire family. Everyone is “dealt the same hand” so the element of chance has the same impact on all players. It eliminates a lot of whining, haha!

–Tony, National Sales Manager

HABA Unicorn Glitterluck

Unicorn Glitterluck

I'm biased because this is one of the first HABA games I learned. It's so simple and fun for all genders/ages!

–Amanda, Operations Manager

HABA Socken Zocken

Socken Zocken

My new/old favorite is Socken Zocken! I remember when we had it years ago, but playing it again now made me remember how fun and fast it is. Plus all of those little socks and clothespins are adorable!

–Cristy, Customer Service and B2B Support

HABA The Key: Murder at the Oakdale Club

The Key: Murder at Oakdale Club

At first, I thought, this won’t be a game I could play with the kids because they are young but then thought, why not play and work as a team to figure out the answer? They liked the idea of being detectives, we read through the suspect descriptions, got out our brief cases and started reading the clues together as a family. I loved how the clues made them think logically and the excitement they had when we started getting closer to the answer. You definitely have to have your thinking caps on for this one!

–Keri, Accounts Receivable Associate

HABA The Key: Theft in Cliffrock Villa

The Key: Theft at Cliffrock Villa

I recently got my dad to play the new The Key: Theft at Cliffrock Villa game and he surprisingly got really into it! I even saw him playing by himself the next day, because he was mad I won!

–Savannah, Social Media Manager

HABA King of the Dice

King of The Dice

It’s not always easy finding a game that appeals to lots of different ages and abilities yet still be fun and entertaining. That’s where King of the Dice is the perfect choice.

-–Elizabeth, Marketing Manager

And to watch a review of this fast-paced and fun game, our E-Commerce Manager, Sara’s daughters do a great (and very entertaining) job in this video!

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