The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: Our Top 7 Picks for Under $20

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: Our Top 7 Picks for Under $20

The holidays are right around the corner; find the perfect gifts for under $20!

HABA’s Philosophy:

At HABA, we hold one thing to be true: children are the most important things in life. We strive to help instill fundamental values and encourage independence, creativity, and experimentation in children around the world. Manufactured in Germany, all wooden toys come from sustainable forestry and carry the PEFC seal.

1. Animal Upon Animal

A classic HABA game, Animal Upon Animal challenges children’s stacking skills.

By rolling dice, players race each other to place all their wooden animals on the animal pile. The first person to run out of animals wins!

This game encourages the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Since its release in 2005, Animal By Animal has sold over 600,000 copies and is sure to be a favorite for the whole family.

2. Town Maze Magnetic Game

Perfect for on-the-go fun, the Town Maze Magnetic Game helps develop fine motor dexterity, visual spatial skills, counting skills, and color-identifying abilities. Players help the colorful balls find their way home to their matching garage by navigating them through the city and around blocked roadways. One of the roadblocks has to be moved out of the way while the other can be rotated to let one ball through at a time. Players will slide the magnetic wand that’s tethered to the game board over the plastic track.

3. Luisa Snug-Up Doll

Luisa is a gift suitable for any baby, toddler, or preschooler. She is an 8” soft bodied doll that makes her an ideal cuddly companion. Her friendly blue eyes, nose, mouth are all printed on making the toy safe and chew-able for little ones. What’s more, her pink pajamas and hat are sewn on from fleece plush; she can sit easily on a nursery shelf.

The soft fabric is soothing for any child and is completely machine washable. The doll promotes baby’s social and emotional development and makes a great accompaniment to the Luis Snug-Up Doll.

4. Rhino Hero

A heroic 3D card-stacking game, Rhino Hero features a superhero that scales the highest houses looking for crime. Rhino Hero is as strong as a lion, smart as a fox, and heavy as a rhinoceros!

Some of the strongest towers may begin to wobble when he’s around! Rhino Hero asks players to assist him in building a tower that is as strong and tall as imaginable. The engaging hero game is a recipient of the Major Fun! Award, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, and PTPA (Parent Tested - Parent Approved).

5. Bathtub Ball Track Set

The Bathtub Ball Track Set is a wonderful bath-time addition! Little ones can rearrange the single ball track pieces and watch as the ball quickly zips down the tracks into the bathtub. Suction cups provide easily attachment for the paddle wheel and track pieces allowing little ones to foster their creativity and encourage innovation and exploration.

Other bathtub accessories can be found on the HABA website, such as the Bathing Bliss Bathtub Ball Track Set , which includes a watering can, funnel, and waterwheel to add to the bath-time fun!

6. Bubble Bath Whisk

Let your little one make their own bubbles with the Bubble Bath Whisk! Submerge the whisk and turn the crank and watch the foaming bubbles create tons of whirlpool fun in the bath tub! The whisk itself is simple and sturdy so young children will be able to operate it independently and create their own bubbles while fostering their gross motor skills.

Bring the bubble whisk wherever you go; enjoy the fantastic, foaming bubbles in the bathtub, pool, water table, or in the ocean!

7. Kringelring Clutching Toy

This handcrafted Kringelring Clutching Toy is made of wood from sustainable forestry in Germany. The pliable ring of rainbow-colored beechwood beads are threaded onto a sturdy plastic band. Smaller rings are made from BPA-free plastic, making the Kringelring safe for teething. The toy has also been tested and has met the highest EU and US safety standards.

The vibrant colors and fun, rattling sounds will make children fall in love with this classic clutching toy. All colors are applied in multiple layers of water-based, solvent-free lacquers to ensure that the toy will withstand wear and tear when taken from the hand to the mouth.


Feeling inspired? Check out the rest of HABA's best sellers to knock out all of your holiday shopping for the kids in one place! Browse from toys suitable for infants to children ages 8 years and older. You’ll surely find fun for the whole family!

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