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The Best Baby Shower Gift is the Heirloom Toy

The Best Baby Shower Gift is the Heirloom Toy

SKANEATELES, NY -- We’ve all been to baby showers—we’ve measured bellies and participated in silly games, but time after time, we face the question of what to gift. Not everyone is crafty enough to make a diaper cake and the onesie won’t last 6 months. The best idea is to give something memorable. The heirloom toy is, without a doubt, your best bet. It will provide hours of fun and entertainment for the child, it has a sentimental undertone for the mom-to-be and it has a long shelf life. You’ll be the favorite “Auntie” in the room. Here at HABA, we are the exclusive U.S. retailer of Moover heirloom toys, a luxury brand of Danish-designed mobile wooden toys with traditional craftsmanship that can be passed down for generations. The collection of Moover toys includes brightly colored pieces babies can push and ride on as they begin to explore their environment. We carry two versions of trucks, a baby walker, a baby carriage and  -- the classic -- a rocking horse. Not only will the child love these toys, the push and ride movement aids the cultivation of motor skills, which is critical in the developmental process. According to a study by the United States Sports Academy as published in The Sport Journal, a direct correlation exists between “a preschool child’s level of proficiency in motor skills and the level of their physical fitness in adolescence.” The Moover toys at HABA USA are genuinely the gift that keeps on giving – for the child through toddler-hood, and then for the family for generations to come. Since we’re talking classics here, as a little taste of what Moover from HABA has to offer, consider the Moover Rocking Horse, which comes in both natural wood and red. The Moover Toys' Rocking Horse will quickly become your little one's favorite toy! It will teach them to rock by experiencing how a repeated body movement is transformed to the rocking movements of the horse. With Moover Toys' special "brake curve," safety is also a priority, ensuring that the horse does not rock too high. The unique seat is designed to ensure that the child sits securely and protected. This results in a safe position during the rocking and prevents the child from touching the floor. Like all Moover items, the assembly is quick and easy, with no tools required, and the Rocking Horse is very secure. It is constructed with Linden and Bass wood and, of course, is colored with non-toxic, water-based stains. It’ll be a fixture in that child’s playroom and bedroom, well, probably until they have their own children. HABA takes great pride in designing, creating and offering only the finest toys and children’s items available anywhere. The items can be found at premier toy shops throughout the country which carry our brands. Start a family tradition today.

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