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Story: The Missing Easter Eggs

Story: The Missing Easter Eggs

The sun peeks tentatively through the clouds and shines directly into Paul’s room. Its rays tickle his nose. “Achoo!” he sneezes loudly. Paul yawns and takes his time stretching before he rolls nimbly out of his bed. It is a fabulous spring morning – and a very special one. Today is Easter! Paul is really looking forward to the Easter egg hunt.

His best friend, Cat Kira, visits him after breakfast and then they go immediately into the garden. “I’m already eager to know where the Easter Bunny has hidden the eggs,” Paul says gladly. “Oh yeah, me too,” Cat Kira laughs. Together they go in search of the eggs. They look behind every bush and shrub, but nowhere is an Easter egg to be seen. “Strange,” Paul murmurs, “The Easter Bunny surely has already been here and hidden the eggs! We have to look again more closely!” And so both of them roll again back and forth through the garden. They even look into the bird’s nest on the cherry tree and into the deep hole in the ground where the little blue mice live. But there is no Easter egg far and wide! “Weird,” Paul wonders, “That’s never happened before.”

Cat Kira suddenly perks up her ears. “Hush, Paul, listen over there...,” she whispers. Both are as quiet as mice and listen intently. Paul also hears it: a quiet, deep sobbing. It’s coming from the very farthest corner of the garden. Paul and Kira quickly roll over there. And whom do they see? The Easter Bunny! He’s sitting miserably next to his empty basket and then blows his nose loudly into his handkerchief. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...,” he complains unhappily. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ... That’s never happened to me!”

“Hello, dear Easter Bunny,” Paul and Cat Kira greet him, “Is there some way we can help you?”

Startled, he looks up! My goodness, now he’s been discovered as well! That's just what he needed!

“I’ve got so much work because this year I have to hide twice as many Easter eggs as last year. So I thought that I’d simply hop twice as quickly. But I didn’t notice that some eggs had rolled out of the basket. And when I arrived here, it was suddenly empty. Now I can no longer hide any Easter eggs for you!”

The Easter bunny sadly blows his nose, putting his paws in front of his face. Paul and Cat Kira look at each other and nod. “Dear Easter Bunny,” Paul says, “Don’t be sad. We’ll help you find the missing Easter eggs!”

“The Easter Bunny can’t believe his good fortune, and before he knew it, Paul and the cat are already rolling around, crisscrossing through Kullerbü. Kira finds an Easter egg at the windmill, and Paul makes his find at the large gateway at the end of the street. After a few minutes, they have discovered another five multicolored eggs. They happily roll back to Paul’s house, where the Easter Bunny is still sitting in the garden resting a bit – from all the hopping around and the shock of the lost Easter eggs.

“Look what we found, dear Easter Bunny,” Paul already calls from a distance, “Seven Easter eggs!” “Oh, fortunately you have recovered all of the missing eggs. Easter has been saved!” the Easter Bunny rejoices, snapping up his basket and waving goodbye to the two friends. “Thank you very much! Until next year!” With that, he quickly hops away.

Paul and Kira happily look at the colorful Easter eggs glistening beautifully in the sun. This Easter egg hunt was especially a lot of fun! And they’re already looking forward to Easter next year.

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