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Memorable Birthday Party Ideas

Memorable Birthday Party Ideas

Does your little one have a birthday coming up? Make it a playfully-unique day to remember with these HABA-themed ideas!

Party with the "Little Friends"

Memorable Birthday Party Ideas

Our 4" Little Friends Bendy Dolls and Accessories are the perfect ingredients for a super fun and imagination-building Birthday Party! These adorable doll characters and animals are delightfully appealing to a broad range of children ages 3+. Both boys and girls will get a kick out of acting out scenes from every day life using these dolls that are only slightly larger than their palm of their hand.

Party Idea: Grab the Little Friends TreehouseVet Clinic, or a building like the Homestead or Horse Stable for the birthday child, along with a handful of Little Friends Dolls, then get one or two for each of the party guests as favors. Party-goers will absolutely love being able to get their "little friends" together with their own friends to play. The best part? These aren't favors the guests will just chuck once they get home. They're playmates for every day life!

Looking to add some personalization to the party? Order some custom made stickers through an easy-to-use site like Sticker Mule!
We love  Sticker Mule because it's easy to use and order turn around time is super quick! Sticker Mule also rocks because they have 3 new AMAZING features called Trace, Upscale and Redraw.

Trace allows you to quickly remove the background from any image and replace it with a different one. For instance, you could put your birthday party group shot on top of a mountain or in front of an epic sunset in just seconds!

Upscale uses the power of artificial intelligence, to enlarge your artwork or photo 2x its original size, drastically improving the print quality and the final product produced. Unlike zooming in or cropping in traditional editing software, Upscale doesn’t make your pixels bigger – it makes your image bigger. Their revolutionary technology analyzes your image to create brand new pixels, instantly making the file fit for printing and made into anything your heart desires!

Redraw upgrades any image into a high-res vector file. If you have an image that was is small, too blurry, or too pixelated to do anything useful with, Redraw will convert your low quality artwork into an infinitely scalable vector graphic. Redraw works with all types of images: logos, illustrations, and even photos. Each Redraw can be ordered for a flat rate so it won't break the bank! Use the artwork to order custom stickers, magnets, and more!

The best part is, you can do all 3 of these cool new features without ANY graphic design skills or expensive software! Give them a try and let is know what you think! 

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Invite Puppets!

Our Doorway Puppet Theater makes a unique birthday gift that your little one is sure to enjoy long after the confetti has settled and party guests have gone home. A Puppet-themed party will allow you as the party planner to let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities! Whether you encourage your child's friends to bring their favorite puppet with them to the party, create a "make your own puppet" craft station,  pick up a variety of HABA USA puppets to hand out to party-goers or even combine all three elements; puppets are so versatile! Children of all ages enjoy pretend play with puppets, and what better time to introduce them to your child than at their next birthday party!  The puppets can even sing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday child!

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create something awesome with haba marble runs and block sets

Have a BLOCK Party!

Kids have a way of naturally knowing how to entertain themselves. All they need is a little inspiration!  Forget having to plan "party activities" just dump out a bunch of blocks in the middle of the room and let the kids go wild. You'll be surprised at what they come up with! Since all of our block sets are compatible with each other, they'll just love being able to mix and match them to CREATE SOMETHING AWESOME!

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HABA Games Make Great Party Games!

What better way for your party guests to get to know each other than to have them engage in board game play together? Whether they are going head to head in our competitive coloring game Color It!, testing their dexterity with Rhino Hero and Animal Upon Animal, carefully constructing an intricate bird's nest while being the first to balance all their eggs in Go Cuckoo or working together to stop the Raven in the Orchard Game, the fun and learning is never-ending with HABA USA Games. Literally...since most of our age recommendations for our games span all the way up to 99 years, children are sure to continue playing these games long after the partying ends!

Gift Idea: Any one of our Best Sellers is the perfect gift for your game-loving birthday kid!

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