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Little Miracles: Newborn to 24 months

Little Miracles: Newborn to 24 months

In their first few weeks of life, newborns need a feeling of security and closeness. It’s their family that will give them this security letting them know they are cared for and protected.

At first, babies have blurry vision and can only see a short distance. As parents and family spend time with them, their vision improves. Soon, they learn to recognize their closest caregivers, watch them carefully, imitate simple facial expressions, and show off their absolutely adorable first smiles. Adding calming mobiles and baby stroller toys whose movements they’ll follow will help develop their senses too.

Newborns are surrounded by things they see and hear for the first time. You can help them stay calm during these new introductions with soft melodies and a gentle night light to aid their sleep.

Between the 4th and 6th month of life, babies start developing more hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They can hold small items such as clutching toys and often reach for them when they hang overhead on a play gym. With these newfound skills, they like to stick things in their mouth. At this stage, the sense of touch is much better developed than the sense of sight.

However, you can play simple games such as "peekaboo", or finger games with finger puppets. And for touch, they love clutching toys made of various materials.

In the second half of their first year, big steps are made in language development. Early babbling is followed by clearly recognizable sounds – and around the first birthday sometimes even simple words.

At this age, babies react to their names, recognize voices, and recognize melodies. They love children's songs and everything that makes noises, from clattering clutching toys to baby books with cool effects.

There are also major developments in their motor skills. Creeping, then crawling, and then using tables and chairs to pull themselves up and walk along. A walker wagon is perfect for early walking at this age, as it offers the support that their little legs can't yet manage. Meanwhile their hands and finger muscles are getting lots of practice. Babies love trying to grab little crumbs with their thumb and index finger, and they’re also fascinated by larger items, such as colorful building blocks. After an eventful day, snug up dolls help them fall asleep.

Infants start their second year of life with momentum. They become more independent every day. They can play on their own for longer and can concentrate on a single thing. A great game at this age is a first puzzle with only a few large pieces – infants will play this over and over.

Mobility increases every day. All types of vehicles and pull-along toys, especially in the shape of fun animals, are very popular and support their tremendous energy and urge to move.

On the topic of animals: Almost all children are thrilled by cow & duck noises and imitate the sounds they make. Consider story books as inspiration for new sounds.

At one and a half to two years infants become a mobile toddler. They can run, want to go upstairs alone, and love climbing and jumping.

Big steps are made in language development too: children start making themselves understood, might even be saying their first short sentences, and can sing simple melodies. 

This is also the time that role playing begins. Many children are devoted to caring for their dolls. Cool accessories help children imitate the behavior of their own caregivers and process what they see. Increasing language skills of toddlers go hand in hand with an expanding memory. Toddlers have a lot of fun with small memory and arranging games or simple sorting games. These games build their self-confidence by letting them demonstrate all the things they can already do.

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