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Halloween Little Friends Felt Craft

Halloween Little Friends Felt Craft

Crafting a felt witch Halloween costume for dolls is a fun and simple activity that celebrates the season to ignite kids imagination! With just some felt, scissors, and a touch of creativity, this project will make an ordinary doll into an enchanting witch! And once they have their Little Friend all decked out, they can let the hocus pocus begin, dreaming up stories and adventures. As they cut and add each tiny, whimsical detail, they’re not just creating costumes; they're nurturing a world of make-believe where dolls come to life and become part of thrilling Halloween escapades. So put on your witch hat, get out the cauldron, and get ready for a truly magical craft project that will create lasting and memorable fun!

A Little Friends doll sits in the middle of felt, a glue stick, and scissors on a light mauve background.

Gather Your Supplies:

These are the tools we used to create the Felt Witch Costume:

  • Felt Sheets 
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • A pair of scissors
  • Imagination

Create your Little Friends Felt Witch Costume:

Step 1: 

Print out the costume pattern HERE. Cut along the dotted line to create the pattern for your costume. Using the pattern, cut out the felt pieces.

A pair of scissors sit next to paper pattern pieces and a piece of gray felt.

Step 2: Make the Felt Witch Hat

After cutting out the felt pieces, hot glue along one edge of the top part of the hat.

Hot glue is being placed on a felt piece.

Step 3: 

Press the edges of the felt together to form the top cone of the witch hat.

Felt is being glued into a cone shape.

Step 4: 

Glue the top cone shape to the donut felt piece to create the witch hat shape.

A witch hat is being formed through glueing felt.

Step 5: 

Add your own personal touches to finish the hat!

A felt witch hat is being glued together.

Step 6: Make the Felt Witch Dress

After cutting out the dress felt piece, fold around your Little Friends Doll and hot glue the back pieces together, securing the top under the skirt.

A felt dress is being glued together.

Step 7: 

Add your own personal touches to finish the dress!

A star is being added to the front of a felted dress.

Step 8: 

Put all the felt pieces together to create the full look!

A felt witch costume is being put on a Little Friends Doll.

Step 9: 

Take your Little Friend on an adventure! TIP: A small paintbrush makes the perfect broom for magical moonlight rides!

A Little Friends doll in a witch costume with an orange cat stands on a rock.

Step 10: 

Download the paired coloring page HERE for extra adventures! Tag us in your creations @HABAUSA for a chance to be featured!

Little Friends witch coloring book page.

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