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HABA USA Launches ‘Take Time to Play’ Campaign

Family time spent on play makes priceless memories.

If they haven’t already, many Americans will begin the hectic quests for the hottest gifts, brave massive crowds of sale-seekers and start making plans for holiday gatherings.

While manufacturers gear up to capture the attention of shoppers, one toy and game maker is reminding everyone to “Take Time to Play.” HABA’s Take Time to Play campaign urges families to put away distracting mobile devices and electronics in favor of getting back to basics.

Toy and Game Maker Launches ‘Take Time to Play’ CampaignA family company established nearly 80 years ago, HABA still creates simple toys and clever games that entertain all ages. In addition, studies show that play develops numerous cognitive and physical skills in children, including language, math, motor skills, problem solving, creativity, social interaction and emotional growth.

Unplug and get back to basics with HABA gamesThe Take Time to Play campaign encourages families to get together and get the most out of the holiday season, which is a great time to unplug and rediscover the power of play.

“What we’re really trying to do here is get people to think differently about play and what it means for families, not just at the holidays, but all year round,” said HABA USA President Lea Culliton. “HABA toys and games have brought families together for generations and we truly feel that our classic toys and inventive games will bring back great memories for parents and grandparents while at the same time establishing new traditions and family-friendly habits.”

Visit www.HABAUSA.com/take-time-to-play for gift ideas and more information about the Take Time to Play campaign and HABA.

About Take Time to Play HABA toys and games have brought families together for generations and the company continues to create “Inventive Playthings for Inquisitive Minds.” The “Take Time to Play” campaign urges families to get back to basics and rediscover toys and games that have entertained for decades without the use of electronics. Studies show play helps develop language, math and motor skills while encouraging creativity, social interaction and emotional growth among many other benefits. Take Time to Play is inspired by HABA’s nearly 80-year history making toys and games that are simply fun. Visit www.HABAUSA.com/take-time-to-play or www.HABAUSA.com to learn more.

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