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Best Educational Games for Kids

The  Top 9 Educational Games for Children Tell a child it’s learning time and they might bolt. But introduce one of HABAUSA’s wonderful educational games and your child will be anxious to play while absorbing important skills. HABA’s top 9 games are ideal for gifting or buying to play for no reason whatsoever.
  1. My Very First Games – Animal Upon Animal ($36.99) received The National Parenting Seal of Approval. Your child will love stacking these charming farm animals made in just the right size for children’s small hands. For ages 1-2.
  2. In the Woods with Forester Fennigan Book, Puzzle & Game ($13.99) is a 3-in-1 game including jigsaw puzzels plus a dice game. In English, it’s geared to children ages 1-2.
  3. Number Snake Dominos ($35.99) keeps ages 3 – 5 counting as they arrange tiles by number: one pink cow, two cheeky frogs, three cackling geese plus others.
  4. Loco Lingo Fastgrasp ($23.99) is chalk full of stories, riddles and poems for 1 – 6 players plus a reader. Aiding development of language skills, imagination, concentration, and reactions, this game for ages 3 – 12 is a Parent’s Choice Recommended Award winner.
  5. Green Market Lucky Carrots ($34.99) is a mini market with a stand, peas, strawberries, eggs, potatoes, peppers, carrots, coins and shopping list cards. Children ages 3+ play make-believe merchant as they negotiate and set prices, buy and sell fruit and veggies or they can play by the rules included in the game set.
  6. Pizzeria Allegro ($28.99) sparks an appetite for learning. is perfect for all pizza lovers. Create favorite pizza combinations with this Biofino play set for ages 3+ containing one pretend pizza oven (the bottom part of the game box), a game board, a deck of cards with pizza orders, two pizza bases, ingredients for toppings, two oven shovels and the set of game instructions.
  7. Yeti and His Color Splurge ($9.99) takes children ages 4 – 10 on a journey of color introducing kids to primary and secondary colors plus more.
  8. Pirate Arithmetics ($29.99) is a math game that is fun, using addition, subtraction and multiplication. For ages 6+.
  9. Secret Code 13+4 ($21.99) invites 4 cunning secret agents to use a variety of math skills to break into a museum and, thanks to their precise calculations, crack the codes of the security system to get the precious “Amun Re.” For ages 8+.
You’ll have as much fun playing these educational games as your children will. It’s our little secret that they are learning important skills while they (and you) are having so much fun. Visit the Educational Games section on’s to search by age and price for more games your youngster can play.

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