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9 Ways to Effectively Organize and Store Toys

9 Ways to Effectively Organize and Store Toys

‘Tis the season for toy organization! Actually, it’s always the season for a good play room and toy clean up, so we’ve put together some helpful storage ideas and organization tips that will help you create the ideal system for your little ones and family. We know the best ways you can learn how to organize and store toys efficiently and effectively.

toys stored on a shelving unit

1. Take Toy Inventory

Before you learn how to organize toys, you need to know how many toys you have to deal with. Executing a smooth, stress free toy inventory will likely need to happen when your child isn’t home, so they can’t interrupt your sorting process. This important first step gives you a sense of how many items you are dealing with. From there, you can begin to consider the most effective method of organization. If you’re curious about which toys your child actually wants to keep, involve them in the discussion. Unwanted toys can be donated to local daycare centers, preschools, libraries, or other charitable organizations.

2. Build A Toy Book Case

Building a toy book case, often called a Montessori bookshelf, is an easy, budget-friendly DIY project. Be sure to purchase or construct the bookcase at child-height to ensure easy access to toys. Making it reachable also allows the child to clean up after playtime without straining to reach high shelves. Inserting a toy bookcase into your child’s bedroom or playroom is a creative way to display toys and books, and most often the first solution one comes to when considering how to store and organize toys.

books displayed on shelves

3. Liless Bins

Whether you choose plastic or fabric, lidless bins are versatile and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. Place them on top of cabinets or stack them in a closet, this is an efficient and cost effective way to organize toys. Group like items together, such as cars, action figures, building blocks, and more.

4. Tilted Bins

Trendy and efficient, tilted bin racks are a popular pick when considering how to organize toys. Available in an assortment of colors and designs, tilted bin racks are perfect for building blocks, wooden puzzles, toy kitchen accessories, and more. Children can easily access the toys, allowing them to clean up and arrange comfortably and safely. 

world map and stored toys on shelves

5. Magnetic Strips

Thinking about how to organize toys in a unique way? Commonly used for kitchen cutlery, sleek magnetic metal strips are placed on the wall. Arrange them at a child-friendly height and your little one can easily remove and attach their favorite die-cast metal toys, like cars and trucks, to the magnetic strip. Add a pop of color to your playroom and have your little one display their favorite toy cars and trucks with this creative storage idea!

6. Hanging Shoe Rack

Hung on the back of a bedroom or closet door, this shoe rack is designed with pockets that make an effective toy storage solution. Give your dolls a home by placing them in the pockets. Bundle crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, and other craft items in each of the pockets.

7. Hang a Hammock

Hang a cozy hammock for your stuffed animals to relax and snuggle! Simply arrange it on the wall or place it in a corner - these stuffed animals will thank you for their new comfy home. Also, a hammock is a good resting place for books and dolls! Or even toy balls! This is certainly the coziest method of how to store toys yet!

8. Recycle & Upcycle

Learning how to organize toys can be turned into a fun, creative experience. Not sure what to do with old shelves? Do you have tons of empty plastic containers that are just collecting dust? Not sure what to do with your plastic yogurt tubs or plastic coffee canisters? Take this opportunity to give your little ones a chance to decorate these items that will house their toys and craft supplies. Take out the paints and make an afternoon of it - paint those plastic containers with bright, bold colors. Upcycle old shelves - nest the lidless bins in the shelves. Pair the old shelf with lidless bins that are contrasting in color. For example, an old brown shelf pairs well with a bright turquoise blue, or a gray and white chevron patterned bin.

9. Under the Bed

Making efficient use of space is a great thing to keep in mind when considering how best to organize toys. Consider putting toys that aren’t in rotation under the bed in plastic containers, lidless bins, shoeboxes, or drawers. If you’re really tight on space, consider raising the bed to accommodate larger storage containers. If the storage containers are visible, consider using bright, patterned colors to add flare to your child’s bedroom.

Don’t Stress Over How You Store Toys

Thinking about how to organize toys can be more exhausting than the actual process. Instead of stressing over the endless methods, we’ve gathered the best systems for you. Add harmony to your little one’s playroom or bedroom by arranging toys in fun, efficient ways that make everyone in the family happy.

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