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5 Simple COVID-Safe Birthday Celebration Ideas

5 Simple COVID-Safe Birthday Celebration Ideas

With COVID-19 cases on the rise again, you might be starting to think about safe, yet unique ways to celebrate your child's upcoming birthday. Here are a few ideas to help make this year's birthday celebration memorable and fun!

Scavenger Hunt Outside - You can do this with either just immediate family, or invite a small number of attendees. Have each party-goer hide their present somewhere in the yard. Let them take turns giving your child clues as to where to find it. If you don't feel comfortable asking people to bring gifts, request that they bring a donation to the local animal shelter or food pantry. Or you could provide candy to be hidden. The kids will have fun with whatever you choose!
*Outside celebrations are COVID safe when precautions are followed. Maintain safe distances, regularly wash surfaces, provide hand sanitizer, mask if necessary.

Request/Collect Cards in the Mail - A few weeks ahead of the "big day," contact friends and family and ask them to send a simple paper birthday card in the mail addressed to your child.  You could request that they write a special memory or birthday wish -- something to help make this birthday extra special. The birthday child will absolutely ADORE receiving mail of their very own! You could let them open the cards as they arrive, or save the cards as a surprise to open up all at once on their birthday.

Virtual Game Night - play your child's favorite boardgames together - via zoom! Does your family enjoy playing games together? Fortunately, technology allows us an opportunity to play many games through zoom with other people from afar. Check out our collection of games to grab for your birthday kid! Some recommendations of games that work well over zoom are: Karuba, Color It! And 5er Finden!

Video Compilation - Contact friends, family, old teachers, classmates and neighbors and ask them to record and email/text a short video clip wishing your child a happy birthday. You could even give them a theme such as asking them to say something they admire, a funny story from the past, a wish, or a special memory about your child. Give them a deadline so you have enough time to string all the clips together to make a video surprise to present to your child on their birthday. You could even add their favorite song!

Spa Day at Home - Pamper the birthday kid with a spa treatment! Start by making a relaxing music playlist on your music app of choice to set the mood. Then collect some lovely spa goodies such as nail polish, toe separators, bath salts & bubbles, facial masks and other accessories for your "salon." Don't forget the menu! How about a spot of tea, some sandwiches and a small dessert? Want to go the calorie-free route? Pick up some HABA pretend play food: We have a sandwich kit, an adorable dessert set and even sushi if you want to get fancy! You could even invite some HABA doll friends to the spa - if you do, don't forget to grab this doll-sized bathrobe!

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