Kullerbu Mountain Adventure Track Set with wooden piece and orange, blue, and green loops, blue truck, wooden ball with bear face, wooden ball with flower, wooden ball with cow face
Two kids playing with Kullerbu Mountain Adventure Track Set in bedroom
Kullerbu Mountain Adventure Track Set includes gondola station, a boulder gate, a rockfall, a bell gate, domino steps, 3 wooden balls, and a blue truck
Trigger a rockfall with the wooden ball
Pass through the boulder gate
Battery-powered truck climbs mountains
8+ unique track configurations!
Kullerbu Mountain Adventure Track Set includes 88 pieces
HABA Kullerbu insert, click, done - floor connector, connect, connector + base, create sturdy support for ramps, elevated tracks and curves. Connect a column with the height of 4 with a column with height of 6 to equal a column with the height of 10. Height indicated with boths dots and numbers. The ramps, straight tracks, and curves have a hole on their lower side, into which the pins of the connecting elements snap snugly into place.
Kullerbu Mountain Adventure Track Set box

Kullerbu Mountain Adventure Track Set

Over 8 possible track configurations!

Age: 2 - 6 Years
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Wind through the mountains taking in all the exciting curves and rocky boulders! With the Kullerbü Mountain Adventure Track Set, kids will be ready for fast-paced rolling action that will have them scaling the highest peaks. 

The edelweiss, marmot and ibex balls roll up and down on the HABA Mountain Adventure master fairway ready to conquer three spiral curves. Next they roll quickly through the bell gate, past the rockfall to the mountain gondola station and rock fall and on to the domino stairs. What fun! 

This 88 piece set makes over 8 possible track configurations and includes a battery powered truck which can tirelessly climb to the highest mountain top to reach the gondola station.

The Mountain Adventure Track Set brings mountainous fun to Kullerbü playtime! With lots of interchangeable parts, kids can alter the heights for maximum momentum. Thanks to the clever click system, the Kullerbü Master Mountain Adventure Track Set from HABA can be set up in no time at all and the connecting elements ensure maximum stability on the ground without the individual elements slipping.

  • Insert, click, done. Assembling a play world is simple. It's hard to shake the Kullerbü tracks even when young master track builders accidentally bump into them. The ramps, straight tracks, and curves have a hole on their lower side where the pins of the connecting elements snap snugly into place. 
  • Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and highlights the advantages of each material making this sturdy play system from HABA one that will last for your child's entire childhood - and beyond. Thanks to its large parts, which can't be swallowed (ball diameter: 1 3/4 inches), they ensure playing fun for children from two years of age and up. 
  • Kullerbü is also exciting for older children because its elements can be combined with other sets and accessories. This stimulates creativity and imagination and encourages children to experiment.
  • Contents: 1 rockfall, 1 bell gate, 1 boulder gate, 1 gondola top station, 1 Kullerbü battery Truck, 1 ball Edelweiss, 1 ball Marmot, 1 ball Ibex, 18 columns, 25 connecting elements, 2 ground ramps, 2 launch ramps, 1 scenery backdrop clip, 1 domino staircase, 3 spiral curves, 1 step curve, 2 start blocks, 1 wave track, 5 straight tracks, 1 ramp, 6 dominoes, 1 rectangular block, 5 cubes, 1 half cube, 4 blocks, 1 white re-directer.

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