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Wooden Toys

Our European-designed premium open-ended wooden kid's toys help children discover, construct, engineer, experiment, and PLAY! We believe that toys are only as good as the materials they are made from so we put a premium on using materials that are ecologically sustainable, including indigenous maple and beech wood. Our products are not only fun to play with and to look at, but they are made to last for generations.
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Sustainable Wooden Toys for Lasting Play

We carry a giant selection of classic and traditional heirloom-quality wooden toys. Made from sustainably-harvested wood, our collection of wooden toys include wooden blocks, wooden arranging sets, wooden baby toys and play gyms, wooden teethers, and so much more. We have been making wooden toys for 85 years and have relied on the safety and durability of wood. We believe wood is one of the most natural and beautiful raw materials around. Our sustainable selection of wood has carried the PEFC seal since 2010 confirming that our wood comes from sustainable forestry within a 90 mile radius of our German headquarters.

Wooden Toys that Elevate Play Time

Our collection of wooden toys for toddlers open up worlds of play and are developed to enhance learning. HABA wooden toys help develop gross motor skills and dexterity while encouraging imagination and creativity. These wooden toys for toddlers help develop spatial recognition, along with teaching fundamentals of STEM skills, math, and science, through the wonderful world of pretend play. Wood is the ultimate sensory-rich toy. Its smooth finish feels good in babies, toddlers, and big kids' hands allowing them to develop their sense of touch.


What makes HABA Wooden Toys stand out in the market?

HABA wooden toys are renowned for their exceptional quality, timeless design, and commitment to sustainability. Crafted from PEFC-certified wood, our toys offer a unique blend of eco-consciousness and heirloom craftsmanship, ensuring they can be cherished for generations.

How do wooden toys promote open-ended play?

Wooden toys are designed to inspire creativity and imagination through open-ended play. From versatile building blocks to intricate arranging sets, each toy invites children to explore, create, and invent without limitations, fostering self-expression and cognitive development.

How do you clean wooden toys?

To care for your HABA wooden toys, use a cloth dampened with warm water for gentle cleaning. For added disinfecting power, mix a small amount of vinegar with water to eliminate bacteria without harming the wood. It's important to avoid submerging the toys in water or placing them in the dishwasher, as excessive moisture can compromise their structural integrity. Also, do not use disinfectants as they can damage the water-based coatings that protect the vibrant stains beneath the surface.