HABA Sand Toys


With sand toys from HABA USA, playing in the sand is an exciting new experience for your sun-loving child. There’s nothing better than building sandcastles, whether it’s in the sandbox or by the sea. With our fun kids’ beach toys, your precocious tyke can expand their imagination while learning about building, colors, construction, and shapes.

Fun in the Sun and Sand

How are sand toys educational? When you settle your young child in the sand, whether it’s at the ocean or in the sandbox at the park, you’re allowing them to enjoy unstructured, uninhibited playtime. Their imagination can run wild as they build castles or try new construction projections with the help of HABA USA’s innovative molds and shapes.

In addition to building traditional sandcastles, your tyke can build and create in inventive ways. A funnel toy makes it easy to mix sand and water for a stable structure. If whimsy is the word of the day, then your child can make ice cream cones and other fun shapes with the rest of the kids in the sandbox.

Play Smart with HABA USA

Explore our selection and pick out a variety of high-quality toys that your child will love. Instead of building castles and moats, your little one can experiment with ice cream cones, butterflies, and flowers, just to name a few.

Our toys are designed with your child’s development in mind. Whether your tiny tot enjoys playing with kids’ beach toys, blocks, balls, or trucks, you’ll easily discover toys and games that will help to hone your little one’s motor skills and sharpen their imagination.

Start growing today with sensational sand toys from HABA USA.