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8 years +

Give your child a world of adventure with our toys for older children. Our toys for kids 8 and up are the perfect gifts for helping your not-so-little ones to keep learning and growing through hands-on, multi-faceted, fun, and safe play!

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HABA USA Toys for Older Children

Say goodbye to screen time and hello to treasure hunting days and nights with puzzle games from HABA USA. These games will challenge your child to find the savviest route through exotic terrains while uncovering crystals, gold pieces, and so much more! We also offer other games that will teach your child how to strategize efficiently, cooperate with others, and put their problem-solving skills to the test.

If your child is more interested in being on the go, then we’ve also got them covered with our outdoor Terra Kids toys, which offers hours of adventurous fun! Our marble run sets are also the perfect way to make construction and physics fun for your up-and-coming builder!

Start Growing Today with HABA USA

At HABA USA, we take pride in manufacturing and importing high-end toys for children of all ages! Our toys for both older children and the little ones stand out for being high-quality, long-lasting toys that can be handed down for generations. They are also child-directed educational toys with a lot of play value — a win-win for both you and the child you want to see grow and live life to the fullest. 

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