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What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

20 Ways to Make Memories with Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother is both a verb and a noun. And the verb part, the “to mother,” is a pretty active verb, because well, moms mother a lot. Mothering comes in all kinds of forms too, from dog mothers and cat mothers to grandmothers and friends who mother, mothering is a big and all-encompassing task. From running kids back and forth to school, lessons, sports, making snacks, meals, healing boo boos both seen and unseen, it’s no surprise that when asked what moms really want for Mother’s Day, most moms unanimously say, they want more time. Not a mug, not a bathrobe, not a blender. Time. Time to breathe, nap, walk, or read. And time to make memories and share moments with the people they love.

So, this Mother’s Day, we wanted to offer some ideas to give mom this extra important gift. We’ve created a list of invigorating family activities that will encourage laughter and spaciousness, resulting in a slow and steady day that mom will savor without (ideally) having to organize every part of it.

One more tip: Make sure to set your kids up with some big open-ended play opportunities so they can play and make their own memories, while mom takes a nice hot bath or reads a book on a hammock!

20 Invigorating Family Time Activities:

  1. Garden together (Make sure your kids have their own tools!)
  2. Have a family game night (Shop our amazing collection of board games!)
  3. Go bird watching (Make sure to bring the binoculars!)
  4. Visit a library, bookstore, or museum
  5. Make a family craft
  6. Take a hike or a walk
  7. Go on an adventure to a new park and have a picnic
  8. Visit a botanical garden
  9. Write a family story
  10. Work on a family painting
  11. Solve a mystery (Check out our Key Series for Murder Mystery Games)
  12. Make sushi for dinner (Kids can play with their sushi set to continue the fun!)
  13. Have a bake off
  14. Go to the beach (Bring some great sand toys to keep everyone busy.)
  15. Fly a kite (This kite really soars!)
  16. Make a sidewalk chalk outline of your family
  17. Have a dance party or a jam session (Check out our musical toys to get the rhythm started!)
  18. Take a drive without a destination and see where you end up
  19. Go on a family bike ride
  20. Have a movie night (Mom’s choice!)

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, and to ALL the “moms” out there (you know who you are!), we wish you a relaxing day filled with whatever makes you happy.

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