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Using Play to Reinforce Healthy Eating Habits

Using Play to Reinforce Healthy Eating Habits

Children learn best by playing! So why not use play as an opportunity to reinforce healthy eating habits!

HABA offers several interactive and realistic pretend play food sets that can be used to play restaurant, store or even "house. " Most of us have fond childhood memories of this classic role playing activity. Not only were we having lots of fun playing house with our cousins back then, but we were also practicing for "real life."

When children role-play, they exercise and utilize their imaginations to create scenarios based off of what they have observed in their real world environments. Imaginary play is how children begin to learn how to implement necessary life skills. 

Role play helps encourage social development because not only are children acting as themselves, they are also taking on the role of someone else. This allows them to explore the world from different angles and points of view, developing empathy along the way. Some children are pickier eaters than others, and just like role-playing the first day of school or first session of soccer practice may help familiarize little ones with these new situations, role playing with healthy play foods can help children become more acquainted with new, perhaps unfamiliar or intimidating foods. By making their favorite dolly try hard-boiled eggs first, maybe they'll be more apt to try a bite for themselves.


Check out our collection of healthy play foods and get your little one's play kitchen stocked up with healthy selections today!

HABA Play food is fun, safe, realistic and:

✔️Reinforces healthy eating concepts through play
✔️Encourages imagination & role-play
✔️Allows for self expression
✔️Help develop life skills

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