Travel Games for the car or plane trip with children

Travel Games for the car or plane trip with children

With all of the technology available today on cell phones and iPads, various games and activities are only a screen swipe away. But HABA knows the value of unplugged fun. The value of holding something tangible, learning from its shapes, color and feel, and even putting it away, nice and tidy, when the game is done is unmatched. And, there is certainly much to be said for playing a game WITH someone else, whether a fellow child or an adult.

Our top unplugged travel games keep every journey a little happier.

3179-2Ages 1-2:

What might that be in the bag? Using feeling, touching and reasoning, young children will enjoy and benefit from My Very First  Games - Feeling & Touching, a game collection that comes in its very own bag.

Children from age 1 on up have fun catching sea creatures in My Very First Games - Here, Fishy, Fishy! with a fishing pole, the sea and funny sea creatures. First you have to catch the fish, then fit it into the puzzle.

Ages 3+


The Magnetic Mini Monsters and Dress-up Doll Lilli Games will stimulate creativity while providing thousands of design possibilities using the reusable magnetic scenes. Each game comes in a detailed and embossed tin, sure to hold up on all of your travel adventures! Promote cooperation with others and counting skills with Mini Orchard Tin Game in which players collect wooden fruit and role dice in an effort to save the harvest before the pesky raven reaches the orchard.

Who will be the first to get all matching cards on their game board? Find out with Mini Bingo Tin Game. It comes in its own, colorful tin box for easy cleanup.

What's that crawling over there? Whoever is lucky enough with the dice to create their own complete caterpillar first is the winner of the Caterpillar Dice Tin Game!

Ages 4+

HABA charades tin gameChildren age 4 and older will enjoy using their hands and feet to describe to other players the item that is on the card in the Charades - Tin Game. Don’t make a sound or hint at a word, or you lose. Hmmm, that kind of silence could come in handy during a long journey! Similar to Charades but less quiet is the Who Am I? - Tin Game which involves asking questions to figure out what is depicted on the card stuck to your forehead.  The player who figures it out in the last amount of guesses wins the game.

Now, which card had the ladybug on it? Put memory to the test with the Mini Memo Mini Game  that too comes in its own tin box.

Test your reflexes with Catch Me! A mini tin game for up to six players. The cylinder tin makes it easy to keep all rolling dice pieces together.

No matter how long the voyage with hands-on, interactive toys that involve the senses deliver entertainment and amusement. For more game ideas visit our games section!

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