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Close up of Flotsam Float pieces on a sand background

Game Spotlight: Flotsam Float - A Sustainable Stacking Adventure for the Whole Family

Two kids at a table playing Flotsam Float

“Flotsam Float is a charming family game that is playable with kids as young as three. Set up and tear down is a snap and it’s simple to learn. Most importantly, I can play it without wanting to hide it in the closet afterwards and hope that my kids forget about it (don’t tell them where Candyland is).” —Mark Julian

Sometimes amidst the busyness of our daily live, finding quality family time can  feel like navigating choppy waters. But luckily there are games out there like  Flotsam Float that will make family game night feel like smooth sailing! This innovative stacking game not only promotes strategic thinking and dexterity but also carries a powerful environmental message.

At the heart of Flotsam Float is a commitment to sustainability. Crafted from PEFC certified sustainable wood, each wooden game component is not only durable but also eco-friendly. As players stack and balance the wooden pieces to create their own floating island, they embark on a journey to clean up the ocean and protect marine life from pollution. What a great message to your kids about the need to protect and clean up our oceans from the constant stream of debris that are filling them at the moment.

But not only does Flotsam Float have an environmental stewardship message, it's a fun adventure game that brings the whole family together. As players strategize and compete to build the tallest island, everyone needs to carefully maneuver their wobbly creations. And as the pieces tumble, laughter will fill the air, making this a game that will be replayed over and over. With its engaging gameplay and meaningful theme, Flotsam Float is the perfect addition to any family game night. So gather 'round the table, set sail for fun, and let the stacking begin!

How to Play and Game Details:

The goal of this stacking and strategy game is to gather all the flotsam and jetsam that has washed up on the beach. Players gather the wooden flotsam pieces and carefully stack them on the raft then sail from island to island. But as the pile grows higher and higher, be careful not to let anything fall overboard on the way! Get the flotsam where it's going and you collect seashells. The player with the most seashells at the end wins.

  • Stack the flotsam on your raft carefully. Then take an island card to tell you which island to bring it to. Don't let it fall overboard on the way!
  • Collect sea shells for each successful island hop. The player with the most seashells at the end is the winner!
  • For 2-5 players, ages 6 and up. Includes 24 colorful wooden flotsam pieces, 6 3D mountains, 24 island cards, 1 turtle card, 25 bonus cards, 1 raft and game instructions.

"I don’t think education is a requirement for a kids game, but it’s a nice bonus when it’s done well and adds to the game without turning playtime into a chore. Flotsam float builds dexterity through its core mechanics but also introduces some strategy decisions when older kids begin to grasp how their choice of shape and how they stack it will impact their turn and other players." -Mike Dunn


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