The Perfect Gifts For A Baby Shower

The Perfect Gifts For A Baby Shower

New moms will learn so much throughout pregnancy and in the early years of their baby’s life. One thing that they might need a little help with, is brainstorming items they’re going to need for their new little one. This can also be challenging for those looking to attend a baby shower. We know mom is going to get a lot of onesies and diapers, but what are some helpful items that she may not receive, but is sure to appreciate?

For baby

Clothing, diapers, pacifiers, blankets and play pens pile up at baby showers, but taking baby’s development into mind when purchasing a baby shower gift is a great place to start when looking for something unique. Little ones like to grasp items during the early stages, which is where wooden clutching toys are perfect, available in a variety of colors and shapes to attract baby’s attention and keep him or her engaged.

You never know what will become the baby’s favorite toy, and chances are it will change from day to day. Something like one of our Water Play Mats is an adorable option that promotes tummy time for baby, while being visually engaging.

If you want to get baby something that they will learn to love and grow with, think about Baby’s First Dolls. Soft and cuddly, baby is sure to love the doll as they grow through the toddler stage as well.

All about mom

The first few nights with baby are going to be long ones, as moms figure out a feeding schedule and a system that works for them when getting up to take care of the new little one. Create a mommy survival kit that will help her get through the late hours of the night as easy as possible. Think about Advil or Tylenol for bothersome headaches, lavender pillow spray for an added touch of comfort when they’re able to catch a few moments in bed, their favorite tea for soothing warmth in the early morning or fuzzy socks for tip-toeing to check on baby.

A comfortable maternity bra isn’t something moms always ask for, but it’s something that they deserve. Comfort is essential for wearing to bed, if needed, and easy maneuvering for feeding or pumping.

Mom might not have a ton of time to run to the grocery store and prepare meals in between carrying for the new baby. Think about a meal plan subscription that can deliver ingredients right to the home with easy-to-use recipes that don’t require too much hassle. This will not only help her keep up on meals, but cooking from scratch can bring some calm and peace of mind.

Whether looking to stock up items for your own little one, or buying for another, keep both mom and baby in mind when looking to find the perfect gift. Another great idea is to sort through our best-sellers to see what other parents are loving! For more ideas, check through the baby section of HABA, and keep in touch with our blog for other popular topics. 

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