Teach Toddlers About Animals and the Environment with Games

Teach Toddlers About Animals and the Environment with Games

All games in our My Very First Games series were designed with toddlers in mind. From the chunky pieces and vibrant colors to the simple, easy to learn rules.

Several of these games involve things like gardening, bees, picking fruit, animals and fishing. All of which can be used as learning tools and practical examples of animals, nature and how the environment is interconnected. Below is a list of toddler games, how they relate to animals and the environment, and what the game teaches. We've also included video overviews, so you can get a clear idea of what each game is really like!

Teaches: Cooperation, colors and sorting

Animal/Environment element: birds (raven), fruit (apples, pears, and plums)

Nibble Crunch Munch
Teaches: Cooperation/teamwork, sorting, matching, color and shape recognition as well as taking turns.

Animal element: Feeding and taking care of animals.

Hanna Honey Bee
Teaches: Colors, memory

Nature element: Bees, flowers, honey

Animal Upon Animal
Teaches: Dexterity by stacking and balancing

Animal element: What do these animals eat, where do they live?

Here, Fishy Fishy
Teaches: Colors, dexterity, puzzling

Animal Element: sea life, oceans/water

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