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Take Time To Play with Popular Parent Blogger Jamie Grumet + Family

Take Time To Play with Popular Parent Blogger Jamie Grumet + Family

I am not the babysitter.comOur recent initiative to help encourage families to put down the electronics and pick up an old fashioned game is gaining more and more momentum.  Take Time To Play is quickly becoming a household concept and we couldn't be more proud, so when popular parent blogger Jamie Grumet from I Am Not The Babysitter decided to incorporate the campaign into her family's life and her blog, we were absolutely delighted!

HABA USA - TakeTimeToPlayCheck out the spotlight and find out why she calls HABA the "Holy Grail of toys" !

Using play as a way to spend quality time with each other is something HABA has been touting since 1938, but just recently we realized that with the increase in electronic devices, families seem to be spending more time in front of a screen than with each other.

Read about our Take Time To Play campaign and make the commitment to unplug and rediscover the power of play with your family!

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