#ShopSmall On Small Business Saturday & Get Two FREE Books!

#ShopSmall On Small Business Saturday & Get Two FREE Books!

Family time spent on play makes priceless memories.

#shopsmall on november 29th and get two free books!

Though many people have already gotten a jump on their holiday shopping, the weekend after Thanksgiving has always marked the official start of the shopping season.  Many of us will be heading out to take full advantage of those amazing deals retailers till be offering.

As a toy manufacturer with hundreds of small toy, baby and gift shops around the country that help distribute our products, we urge you that in addition to the "big-box" stores, you also check out the various small businesses near you.

This quote from a recent article in Forbes Magazine - "Why Shopping Local Should Be On Your To-Do List" sums up the importance of shopping small and local:

"Consider why shopping local impacts your immediate community beyond economics. For starters, independent businesses help bring character and charm to communities – as well as help communities stand out and become more exciting, more enjoyable and more memorable than others. This ultimately leads to strong economic growth and long-term vitality, as well as helps bring new residents and jobs into the community."

Scholastic has partnered with American Express to offer families a tangible incentive for shopping small by offering up to two free books if you share with them what small stores you visited on November 29th.

It's FREE and easy to claim the offer. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Head to the HABA USA store locator on our homepage to find an independent toy store near you.

2. Go there on Small Business Saturday - November 29th.

3. Tell Scholastic where you visited by filling out the short form and mailing it out (no postage necessary!) and get two free books! Download and print the form here!

Don’t forget to Take Time to Play! Learn more about HABA’s campaign for holiday family time and read what the experts have to say about the power of play here.

Share this article on social media to tell your friends about this great offer and use the hashtags #HABAUSA #ShopSmall. Happy Holidays!

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