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Puzzle Play Encourages Children to Explore and Learn While Having Fun

SKANEATELES, NY -- Colors are all around us, but as adults, we no longer define our environment by these colors – in fact, we may not even pay attention to them any more. However, to children, recognizing color is extremely important and determines how they understand their reality.

According to Scholastic.com, “Color and shapes are ways children observe and categorize what they see. These very recognizable characteristics encourage children to define and organize the diverse world around them.”

One of the goals of HABA toys is to challenge children’s perception again and again, which is why we have diligently developed educational toys, games and puzzles. The On the Farm Puzzle and Game is one of HABA USA’s most popular items. It is designed for one child player ages 1-2 years and one adult player, and can be played three different ways for continued entertainment. This game encourages meticulous observation and fosters two important milestones in cognitive childhood development: recognizing colors and naming colors.

On The Farm is but one example of many puzzles in the HABA line to engage young children, and HABA has incorporated many different themes to ensure there is a puzzle to delight any child: a construction site puzzle, a pony puzzle, one with farm animals, and another featuring knights.

Incorporating puzzles into play encourages children to explore. According to a study by the University of Chicago, puzzle play helps children to develop better spatial skills. “The ability to mentally transform shapes is an important predictor of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) course-taking, degrees and careers in older children. Activities such as early puzzle play may lay the groundwork for the development of this ability.” Shop HABA puzzles online.

Engage your children with HABA toys for wholesome, educational playtime.  View our award-winning selection of games for fun for the whole family.

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