Product Development

HABA is the 'Inventor for Children'!

We develop and produce innovative games and toys, unique products and accessories for the home that both children and adults find it hard to part with over the years. These products bring them joy and happiness time and time again.

Every year we expand our product range with so many new innovations. In fact we staff 15 inventors (designers) to generate these new products and games. With their creativity and their vast experience these designers see our products through from the first sketch to the finished model. And what success they've had! Many of their products have already been awarded national and international prizes for their top-quality, child-oriented design, such as 'Design Plus' or the 'German Wooden Toy Design Prize'. Our games have also won many awards in recent years, including the 'Game of the Year' award and the 'German Games Prize'.

What does round taste like? Which colors are square? Babies use all of their senses to explore their world. That's why HABA toys challenge their perception, again and again and again.

What makes a toy great? 
Our products are not only attractively designed but children also find them fun to play with. That's why HABA products keep the interest of generation after generation. Our quality and production standard ensures that our products remain timeless.

We are always on the look-out for new types of products and materials. We do however put a premium on materials that can be manufactured on an ecologically beneficial basis. We use primarily indigenous maple and beech wood and water-based paints for our toys. We also use fabric, felt, leather, cardboard and glass.

The vast majority of the designers' ideas are put into practice in our own workshops. From the cut-out to assembly our products are manufactured at the Bad Rodach site, where our workforce of some 500 specialists produces our wooden toys and furniture.


Do you have a Game Idea you'd like HABA to consider?

Click here (pdf) for our Game Submissions guide.

*Note: All toy & game ideas must be submitted to the HABA parent company in Germany; the HABA USA division is an importer of the German made and designed toys and games. We are NOT a manufacturer.