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OurFamilyWorld.com - Gotz Jessica Doll Review

Götz: High-Quality German Dolls For Your Princess + Giveaway (US Only)

OurFamilyWorld.com Review of HABA's Gotz Jessica DollTaylor from OurFamilyWorld.com has a great review of our Jessica Doll... "The doll that we have for Mary-Grace is “Jessica.” When it arrived, the hair was styled slightly different, but she was so excited she tore into the box and started playing with it right away. Another thing I like about these dolls is that they are not super skinny like many on the market today. They represent an average height-weight proportion of a child, which will help create a healthy body image. I also liked that the “Jessica” doll was wearing conservative clothes, but they were trendy, too. The sneakers on the doll actually felt pretty real and at 18 inches, it is a good sized product."  Read the rest of her review

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