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Make Your Own Gotz Dolls Clothes With These FREE & Easy Patterns

Make Your Own Gotz Dolls Clothes With These FREE & Easy Patterns

8 FREE Gotz Doll Clothes PatternsLittle ones will love learning about how to sew their own Gotz doll clothes! We found 8 free and simple patterns sure to add some style to your child's doll wardrobe! Click on the image to be directed to each pattern page. 18" Gotz Doll Clothes Patterns 18" Royal Bridesmaid Dress Pattern (via SusanKramer.com) 18" Doll Dress Pattern (via SusanKramer.com)  16.5" Maxy Muffin Gotz Doll Clothes Patterns 16.5-18" Doll Dress/Nightgown Pattern (Via SusanKramer.com) 16.5" Doll Cap Sleeve Dress Pattern (Via SusanKramer.com) 13" Gotz Aquini & Muffin Doll Clothes Patterns 13" Doll Body Suit Pattern (Via SusanKramer.com) 13" Doll Sleeve Cap Dress Pattern (via SusanKramer.com) 8" Mini Muffin Doll Clothes Patterns 8" Doll Shirt and Pant Pattern (via SusanKramer.com) Shop GOTZ USA.com for a complete selection of Gotz Dolls & Accessories!  

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