Keep Bath Time Fun and Safe!

Keep Bath Time Fun and Safe!

Baths are a great opportunity for children and parents to spend quality time together, having fun and establishing a routine. Baths are naturally relaxing and most parents can attest to them being a great way to calm a child down after a busy day. There is just something therapeutic about being surrounded by warm, sudsy water - it does wonders for the mind, body and soul.

In addition to fun and relaxing, bath time should always be safe.  Here are a few bath safety reminders:

Be Prepared - Bring everything you need for the bath into the bathroom with you before you put the child into the bath tub: Towel, toys, rinsing cups, soap, wash cloth, etc. Once your child is in the bath, stay within arms reach of them at all times.

Address Fear of Water - Some children are afraid of the sound of rushing water or are afraid of the water itself. Reduce the fear by filling the bathtub before the child enters the bathroom, and encourage your child to play, dip head into the water, and blow bubbles with your supervision. 

Water Temperature - Young children cannot tolerate a hot steamy bath the way adults can. The temperature of the water when bathing a child should be no more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don't have a water thermometer handy, test it with your wrist or elbow.  Like a baby's skin, those areas tend to be more sensitive to temperature than your hands.

Monitor Water Level - Never fill the tub higher than four inches. The rule of thumb is to keep the water at the crease of the child's waist.  This will minimize the risk of them slipping under the water.  When bath time is over, pull out the drain and be sure never to leave water in the bath tub when not in use.

Minimize Slips and Falls - Rubber non-slip mats for inside and outside the tub will add traction and help prevent slips.  It is also important to teach your child to never to stand up in the tub, as they could topple and hit their head.

Pad Sharp Corners - Cover the faucet especially, with a foam noodle or a faucet cover, to prevent injury from a child knocking against it.

Constant Supervision - Never leave your child unattended or in the care of another sibling while in the bath tub, even if it is just for a few seconds.  If you need to leave the side of the tub to grab a towel or let the dog out, take your child with you.

Choose the Right Soap - Babies have sensitive skin that tends to dry out and get irritated easier than an adult's skin.  Regular bar soap can cause their skin to get scaly and is even bound to sting their eyes.  The last thing any parent wants is a crying, wiggly baby whose eyes are stinging!  Choose a mild soap that is not only tear-free, but is gentle and specifically designed for a baby's skin pH level.

Fun Bath Toys - Bath time is one of the most exciting times of the day! Your child will be delighted to play with any of HABA USA's amazing bath toys. From fishing to mini boats, bathtub ball & track sets to waterproof bath books, there are lots of fun options for all kinds of play!

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