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A girl playing in a puddle on rainy summer day

6 Ways to Have Rainy Day Fun

It’s Raining, it’s Pouring, the Kids Are All Exploring

When we think of summer, we mostly think of those blue-sky days sitting by the ocean or hiking through lush green forests with the sun streaming through. But the reality is that it still rains in summer. Quite a lot sometimes! And some days are just too hot to even venture out. So how can you make the best of those summer rain storms that cancel the trip to the fair or days when the heat advisory warning is blasting and staying by the AC is the safest choice? We’ve compiled some ideas for ways to bring the outdoor summer fun inside in an extra summery way.

6 Ways to Have Rainy Day Fun

  1. Indoor Roller Coasters

    Sometimes it rains on the first day of the fair. So instead of heading out for a soggy fried dough, your family can use our Kullerbu systems or Marble Runs to make the longest, fastest, swirliest roller coaster ever! Grab the books, couch cushions, wooden blocks and stools and get ready to build a super track. Bonus, no one will get a stomach ache from riding the rails after eating so much cotton candy!

  2. Even the Berries are Wilting

    Berry picking is a summer favorite but some days it’s just too hot or rainy to go pick those little gems. To keep the farm theme going, have your kids set up a farm with their farm animals or farm-themed toys or inspire a loose parts type game with the wooden pieces from our Orchard game. 

  3. Too Hot to Hike

    Even the forest can be too hot sometimes but the adventures of the forest always take on a majestic quality even when stuck inside. Pull out all of the forest animals and help your kids make a big blanket fort and pretend it’s a cave. Then set up a forest play world complete with lions, bears, and tigers, oh my! (And a fox and a raccoon!) To keep the play going, kids can write stories about their adventures in the woods.

  4. Raincheck for the Musical in the Park

    Lights, camera, action! Musical and theatrical events in the park are the epitome of summertime. But, they are usually not a rain or shine kind of a thing. When your event is rained out, take to the stage at home and encourage your kids to make their own play with puppets and our doorway puppet theater and get ready for a star-studded show.

Grab your Umbrella Activities

Don’t let a little rain stop the play. Despite everything we said above, the rain can actually be a great partner in fun because rain play is its own special category of play. (Think muddy boots and mud kitchens!) Because who can resist jumping in a puddle? So put on some boots, grab an umbrella, and get ready to have the rain be the star of the show.

  1. Puddle Science

    After a big rain, driveways and sidewalks will be filled with delightful, tempting puddles that absolutely must be jumped in! As your kids stomp around, have them look deeply at this puddle and begin to ask some questions so they become puddle scientists. Gather some pebbles, leaves, flowers, pine needles, and other natural materials and start throwing them into the puddle one by one. Why do some things float and other items sink? How deep is the puddle? Grab a stick and poke it into the center of the puddle until it stops at the bottom. Measure the wet line to determine the depth. Watch the puddle throughout the day to see if it evaporates. All of these elements will form a great weather station lesson and introduction to scientific principles.

  2. Rain Painting

    Turn that pouring rain into a work of art! Gather some rain painting materials: paper, watercolors, and a paintbrush. Have your kids take a large piece of paper and cover the entire surface with watercolor paint. They can paint it one color or many different colors, make a design; draw a face, or a landscape—whatever they want. Then let the watercolor dry completely. After the painting has dried, bring it outside and let the raindrops splash onto the painting, creating an entirely new effect and creating a new pattern on your watercolor. Voila, a rainy masterpiece!

After you come inside from your rain date, and after a nice shower or bath, set up another marble run and get the indoor play rolling again! We hope you and your family enjoy all kinds of play in every weather, wet or dry, hot or cold. At HABA, we are happiest when we all play together!

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