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Ideas For Making Christmas Memorable During COVID19

Ideas For Making Christmas Memorable During COVID19

Here we are at Christmas time, still having to deal with the pandemic that blindsided us back in March. Surely your past self did not anticipate spending more than 2 weeks in this new way of life, let alone 9 months (and counting!). It's safe to say this is going to be a "thing" at least until late Spring.

With cases of COVID on the rise again, many families are opting to stay home for the Holidays. Festive gatherings, parties and get-togethers unfortunately aren't happening this year. Instead of being depressed about it, try some of these ideas that are sure to help your family find that holiday joy they know and love!

Sponsor a Family in Need - This year has been tough on all of us. But it’s been rougher on some more than others. 
Consider finding a local family or organization who could use your help in making their holidays a little brighter. It is a great opportunity to teach children about acts of kindness, and the importance of giving. Include your kids when shopping for the family. They and you will find joy in choosing gifts that will make someone else’s holiday special.

Gift Exchanges - Sites like DrawNames.com keep gift exchanges anonymous just like you would when you draw names in person out of a hat. Have everyone who is participating in the exchange sign up. You can even add your own wish list. The site will draw names and assign you with your giftee. You will then be able to view their wish list, address and even communicate with them anonymously.

Recipe Exchanges - Everyone has a favorite holiday recipe. Maybe it’s a dish that grandma always used to make. Or something your mother is known for bringing to every party. Even if we cannot be together this year, why not swap recipes with families and friends? Try making that one thing your friend is the best at making, or maybe even a new recipe you saw your cousin share on facebook. With all that extra time at home, why not?

Video Call with Santa - There are several apps out there that allow you to set up a call with Santa. With this year being the way that it is, in-person Santa visits may not be able to happen for your family this year. Either that or if they do get to see Santa, they won’t get to have that one-on-one conversation like they have in the past. With a video call, they can!

Zoom Game Night - Many families enjoy playing games together on Christmas night. Fortunately, technology allows us an opportunity to play many games through zoom with other people from afar. Check out our collection of games for your next game night! Some recommendations of games that work well over zoom are: Karuba, Color It! And 5er Finden!

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