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Henry Strong knight’s gear collection has children dispatching dragons for hours

SKANEATELES, NY – Mothers and fathers are always looking for magical play toys for their children, toys that are, of course, fun and active, but also add in an element of creativity and a dash of education.

For the 3 to 5 set, filled with tales of King Arthur, jousting knights and the dispatch of dragons in medieval times, nothing is more fun and active – not to mention educational with a ton of creative opportunities – than a suit of armor and all of the accoutrements of Knighthood.

One of the most popular kid’s play toys in the HABA line is the Henry HABA Strong Armor suit, and when accompanied with the rest of a knight’s kit the ensemble will have any little knight ready to joust, storm the castle or seek the fire-breathing dragon in its lair. Each of these finely crafted HABA items, sold separately, are soft, safe and durable, and will provide hours of Middle Ages fun day after day and Knight after Knight.

The centerpiece of the Henry Strong collection is the Henry HABA Strong Armor suit, easy to put on thanks to the hook and loop fasteners. The armor comes with an extra chest protector that features a fiery dragon and an adjustable belt. It is made of cotton and polyester and is completely washable.

Of course, any young knight worth his colors has to have the armor’s helmet, and that is the Henry HABA Strong’s Helmet, which looks just like the real thing complete with a visor that can be flipped shut. The helmet is also made of washable cotton/poly.

Now that the knight’s body protection is in place it’s time to arm the knight with the tools of the trade. First up is the Henry HABA Strong’s Sword for a knight’s combat, entirely made of foam and fabric for safety while retaining the realistic feel of the sword that any knight would be glad to pledge to his king. To add to the knight’s arsenal there’s the Henry HABA Strong’s Spiked Mace, completely soft and safe – and washable – and battle tested on the field of honor.

A good knight offense must come with a strong knight defense, and here you’ll find the Henry HABA Strong’s Shield. Padded and soft core with a handle, the shield features all of the heraldry that medieval knights demanded.

For tournament time, of course, the well-equipped knight needs a jousting lance, and that’s the Henry HABA Strong’s Lance. Featuring the requisite hand guard, this padded, soft core lance is sure to endure hours of play.

And no proper knight would go anywhere without his trust steed, so turn to the Henry HABA Strong’s Hobby Horse, equipped with nice fabric reins and a wooden castor, and your young knight can gallop through the jousting course or trot out to do battle with any pesky dragon.

Role playing is an important part of childhood, keenly developing creative skills that help children grow with a sense of wonderment and a thirst for knowledge. The Henry Strong knight gear collection will have young minds conjuring up all sorts of medieval roles and keep their playtime safe and imaginative for hours on end.

HABA has been making fine toys since the 1930s, starting out in the Bavarian forests in Germany making the very best wooden toys in the world. Still making imaginative, creative and very fun wooden toys in the German forests, HABA has branched out to include a full line of toys for children of all ages, as well arts and crafts, games, décor for children’s room and much more. Sold at finer toy stores throughout the United States and at the HABA USA website.

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