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HappeningsOfTheHarperHousehold.net - Magic Leaf Review

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: HABA Clutching Toy Magic Leaf Review

HappeningsOfTheHarperHousehold.net - Magic Leaf ReviewHappenings of the Harper Household included HABA in their 2012 Gift Guide!

Check out what they had to say:

"There is just something that attracts me to toys made of natural materials like wood and cotton fabric for my girls – they have that old fashioned, warm, wholesome feeling that just can’t be found in a hard plastic toy.  The German toy company, HABA, is known for these types of wooden toys. In fact HABA favors wood as its material for most of the toys they manufacture. They use beech and maple because they are regenerative and the natural markings make each toy unique."

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