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HABA’s Pure Nature Stuffed Animals Love Baby Through Every Stage

As baby is welcomed into the world and grows and develops, HABA’s Pure Nature line stuffed toys can be part of the journey. With cuddly friends who are as much for playing and learning as they are for snuggling, you’ll find a reason, and stage, to keep the love from these little stuffed animals coming throughout baby’s early years.

 You can feel good about the quality and manufacture of HABA’s Pure Nature line. Controlled, organic farming produces the highest quality cottons used for both the threads and the outer fabrication. All Pure Nature textiles are produced in accordance with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). The GOTS standards for organic textiles and the use of raw materials ensure safety not just for children but also the environment. Soft, cuddly, easy-to-clean and so adorable. There’s one for every need and occasion. Wow mom-to-be and the other guests at a baby shower with the Little Friends Pure Nature - Organic Mobile ($39.99). Soft friends Freddie Frog, Bob Burrow and Lisa Long-ears, accompanied by the soothing tune “Au Clair de la Lune,” will help send baby off to dreamland, allowing new parents some much deserved sleep too. Baby has arrived! Welcome little one with the Cotti Spelt Cushion Pure Nature - Organic Soft Toy ($28.99). This soft little lamb will be with baby from its first day and for many more to come. The plush material is perfect for squeezing tight and even for soaking up a few tears. It can also be heated gently in the microwave or oven to help baby fall asleep faster with a warm, cozy friend.  Freddie Frog Pure Nature - Organic Soft Rattle ($7.99) gives children a big smile and is easy to hug. As a surprise, Freddie also rattles, delighting children and also providing a little distraction when fussiness starts. Keep this one handy in the diaper bag wherever you go. This little friend and little children are practically inseparable. The fabric tie legs of Cuddly Cotti Pure Nature - Organic Soft Toy ($24.99) mean he’ll always be within the grasp of little hands during play and, certainly, for bedtime. Just as children look adoringly at their parents, Lisa Long Ears Pure Nature – Organic Soft Rattle ($7.99) looks up adoringly at your child with that happy little smiling face. Her long ears are perfect for grasping. Baby is getting older and is ready for a sturdy but cuddly toy they can wrap their arms around. With his mischievous smile, Pudgie Puppy Figure – Pure Nature Organic ($19.99) is just the toy for the job. He’s perfect for children ages 6 months to 2 years. Where has the time gone? Baby is learning to walk!  Cotti Pure Nature - Organic Pull Toy ($24.99) will come along. With his short string in front and four wheels, this little lamb will obediently follow as baby walks and will comfort when those fall-and-go-boom moments happen too. See more of the Pure Nature line of cuddly animals and get to know their little people-friends too. Visit www.HABAusa.com.    

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