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HABA's 2020 Hot Toy Round Up

HABA's 2020 Hot Toy Round Up

HABA toys and games sure have been in the spotlight this year!

Below we highlight some of the great recognition we've gotten for our products throughout the holiday season!

Made in Germany

Cloaked Cats named "Best Logic Game" by the Art of Problem Solving on their list of 12 Best Educational Gifts for Your STEM Student

"Cloaked Cats is just the right level of logic for the elementary student, encouraging complex problem solving and deductive reasoning. Students can take their time and focus on the computations at hand, over time getting better and better with each game. We’ve plotted this game as perfect for the 7-9 year old, but it’s complex enough that adults are also challenged when playing with their kids. Plus, there’s an added level of cuteness with the cat characters that is perfect for this age range."

Terra Kids Animal Connectors named one of "52 unique gifts to get your tween off his XBOX" by Good Housekeeping

Terra Kids"This toy encourages kids to go on nature walks before they play, and make use of all the sticks, leaves, and other natural materials they collect when they're outside. The kit comes with a hand drill and connector pieces, so kids can find all sorts of new ways to make animals and other figures from their stick collections. Ages 8+"

Floaty Fight Travel Game included in "Random Stuff that Rocks" on ParentsAndKids.com

"This simple game is perfect for road trips because the box is a magnetic board and the pieces are magnets! This game is for two people and takes about 10 minutes to play. Both players secretly distribute their floaties (tiles) over the swimming pool (game board) and take turns guessing where the other one is hiding his floaties. The game ends as soon as one of the players has discovered all of the other player’s floaties. It’s fun, competitive and keeps those littles busy on the road!"

Miyabi chosen as one of "28 Fun Toys for the 2020 Holiday Season" by BoysLife.com

"Design your own Japanese garden with the Miyabi game. Skillfully place tiles for stones, bushes, trees, ponds and pagodas on multiple levels to earn points. The “gardener” with the most points wins. Our 14-year-old player says it’s a lot more fun than you might think. She reports, “It took strategizing. It’s not just based on luck.”

Hot Toy Round Up

Little Friends Camper Chosen as a "Best Toy for 3 Year Olds" by Red Tricycle

"Your little one can "go camping" in this year's hottest vacation trend. The set comes with two chairs, a Little Friend and a cute blue car to pull it along."

The Little Friends Camper was also chosen by  The Spruce as a "Must Have Toy for Christmas 2020" 

"Encourage imaginative play with this fun play set. It includes everything your little one needs to plan a special road trip—an all-terrain vehicle with a push and go motor, a camper with a detachable awning, two chairs, and a figurine."

Karuba Chosen as a "Best Family Board Game for 2020" By CNET.com

"If you're looking for a game that is competitive, imaginative and also allows players of different levels freedom to challenge themselves how they want, Karuba is perfect. Each player charts their own path through an individual, jungle-themed player board, in search of ancient treasure. This is accomplished through simple tile placement, and while the competition is fun, no one will be able to interfere (too much) with your carefully laid plans."

Dragon's Breath named a "best Gift for 5 Year Olds" By The New York Times/WireCutter

"Dragon’s Breath, which won the prestigious Kinderspiel des Jahres award for best children’s board game of 2018, has themes and features that are sure to appeal to many 5-year-olds: sparkly gems, cute cartoon dragons, a magical ice tower, and a cleverly designed, two-level game board."  Read the rest of the review

Musical Drumfish awarded a "Best Toy of 2020" by Good Housekeeping

"He may look like a smiling swimmer, but this fish is really a colorful instrument. Toddlers can bang on him with a drumstick, rattle his fins or shake up the beads in his belly. Lab Results: Kids can practice their gross and fine motor coordination while making a whole lot of noise. Ages 2+"

Walker Wagon Named a Top Fun & Practical Gift for 1 Year Olds by Mother.ly

"This walker wagon by HABA is ideal for those early stages of walking. It's won awards and also is minimalist and durable. Your kiddo can take their favorite plush toy (or sibling) for a stroll. Wheel speed can be adjusted depending on the walking skill of the child. Friction can be increased for early walkers who require a slower pace making it totally customizable for your kid's needs."

3-D Arranging Game Creative Stones Named a Best Toy for Babies and Toddlers by Today's Parent

"Every kid needs a solid set of wooden blocks, right? This 28-piece set can be reconfigured into hundreds of combinations and structures to keep little hands busy. The unique shapes help develop spatial understanding and improve fine motor skills."

Doorway Puppet Theater Chosen for Romper's "Awesome Toys For Babies, Tweens, Families, & Everyone In Between" Holiday Gift Guide

"The HABA doorway puppet theater that folds away like a bedsheet — is where it’s at."

From helping little crawlers transition to the next "step" with our Walker Wagon, strengthening imaginations with our puppet theater and Little Friends, to building STEM skills with our Terra Kids or building blocks line and encouraging families to connect through boardgame play - we've got all of your family play needs covered!

Thank you to all of the news outlets as well as our retailers, customers, fans and partners who have helped us spread the word about HABA's mission of supporting quality PLAY!

Happy Holidays from all of us at HABAusa!

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