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Every Child Deserves a Doll Friend

Every Child Deserves a Doll Friend

HABA dolls are cherished by children. Whether Cari, Graham, Mali or Edda, each doll can be a soft and cuddly friend for their entire childhood.

Your Doll Friend is a True Companion

HABA Dolls can go with your children wherever they go! Whether they're attending a tea party, strolling around the park, riding their bike, or going to bed, these dolls are friends for every occasion, even bath time! Bath time can be a struggle for some kids but having a doll friend there provides emotional support or just an extra fun time. Wherever their hearts and minds may lead, these companion dolls are perfect for children who like to pretend play and let their imaginations roam. With the dolls by their side, they will learn the emotional benefits of friendship and how to communicate with friends.

Your Doll Friend is What it Wears

The dolls are very entertaining to play with as they can be dressed up in a variety of outfits. Various clothing sets provide variety in the doll wardrobe and many hours of imaginative fun. Whether you're looking for sportswear or winter clothing, indoor or outdoor clothing, HABA clothes sets have the ideal outfit for every situation, so your doll is always dressed appropriately. Different clothing lets the doll slip into new roles over and over again. In combination with the large selection of HABA play sets, there are no limits on children’s imagination. For example, doll parents can give their protégés a school bag and send them off to school or put them in a bathing suit for a vacation. This lets children playfully explore everyday life and spend lots of time with their favorite dolls, who become true friends for life!

Why HABA Dolls

Children are fascinated with everyday life from a young age and integrate it into their play. Dolls are the natural choice. Dolls from HABA are particularly well suited for this:

  • Their mischievous facial expression has been embroidered using strong thread.
  • The dolls can sit up straight because their fabric bodies are filled with polyester wool that easily retains its shape and makes the dolls nice to cuddle.
  • Their soft hair is made from Chenille, so it can be gently finger combed and styled.

There are a wide variety of dolls available, so there’s something for every child: cute baby dolls and soft fabric dolls.

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