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Child Safety Ranks First with HABA USA

HABA Takes Safety Seriously A fun playtime that also encourages learning and the development of young minds is our goal at HABA USA. But it is a goal that will never take precedence over the safety of the children who enjoy our products. HABA was the first toy manufacturer in Germany to subject its toys to independent safety testing by a third-party laboratory. HABA products currently carry the highest level of safety certification from testing organizations in both Europe and the USA. This diligence extends to HABA’s manufacturing facilities around the world. Company inspectors regularly visit HABA’s supply partners holding these partners and HABA to the highest standards of quality and working conditions. The woods used in HABA products are locally-sourced from sustainable forests in Germany and conform to all safety standards. HABA paints are water-based and solvent-free and are pre-tested at the German headquarters before being shipped to manufacturing facilities in other countries. The same level of quality assurance extends to the fabrics used in HABA toys, too. Once built, each toy undergoes a series of tests to certify safety with even the youngest users. HABA toys are intentionally destroyed to test for impact and shatter resistance and flammability and water resistance. Straps and pull strings are checked for durability and safety. Special devices test whether small parts can be swallowed by children under three years of age. After production and before the toys are imported into the USA, the products are tested both in-house and then by a third party CPSC authorized laboratory to ensure they meet and/or exceed the safety specifications required in the USA. HABA holds our supplies such as Spielstabil, Moover, Gotz, and Lilliputiens to the same high standards, so you can be assured that HABA USA places children’s safety as the #1 priority for any toy purchased at www.HABAUSA.com. HABA USA is committed to bringing the finest-quality toys from European designers to our customers. Shop securely for fine games and toys on our online store or in person at HABA retailers worldwide. Either way, you know that when it comes to fine toys and games, at HABA USA, it's all about keeping the kids safe!

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