Boardgames Bring People Together to Form Lasting Bonds

Boardgames Bring People Together to Form Lasting Bonds

Family time spent on play makes priceless memories. This post is brought to you by HABA USA and written by guest blogger and gamer Wesley Tennyson

Wesley Tennyson playing a HABA Game with his daughter #TakeTimeToPlay togetherAs a self-proclaimed, "modern board game hobbyist," I really appreciate the personal interactions that a good game can create.  Tabletop games have the rare qualities of being both enriching and entertaining.  You can learn a lot about yourself, and the people you play with, by the way you play a game. I play games as often as I can with friends and family because it is a great way to bring people together and form lasting bonds.

I knew right away that if I wanted my daughter to develop a love for my hobby, then I would have to research and purchase children's games. I needed to find games that were more interesting than the traditional, boring roll/spin and move games we all played when we were young.  We all know that tablets and video games (regrettably) are the new norm for kids' entertainment.  While these distractions are certainly engrossing, staring at the same screen together is not quality time. These games do not provide the same benefits as a board game. The benefits of the games I love are well explained in this article I found on HABA's website:

Take Time to Play blogger Wes shows off some games in his vast game collection Wesley's game collection

Luckily for my daughter, I put my knowledge of great games to good use.  It is well known among people who collect modern board games, that HABA produces some of the very best games for parents to enjoy with their children.  Making games that can be enjoyed by parents, as much as children, is an art that HABA has mastered.  The production quality of their games is always extremely high, and every HABA game I've introduced to my daughter (and her cousins) thus far, has been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

sherlock kidsLast night we played HABA's Sherlock Kids for the first time. This is a charming memory game in which one player asks a riddle based on a colorful image, while everyone else tries to answer based on memory from viewing the image for a short time. The pictures are fun, and very well done, while the rules are simple and straightforward.

One of the things I particularly enjoy about HABA games is that adults often play at little or no advantage to children. Despite mom and dad genuinely trying their best, our daughter came out ahead this time. Each win builds her confidence and every time we play a game I can see her take more interest.  I look forward to many years of quality time in the future, doing something we both love.

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