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August is Family Fun Month - Celebrate by Playing Together!

August is Family Fun Month - Celebrate by Playing Together!

It's officially August! We're really getting into the nitty gritty of summer now. With about a month left before Fall hits, the pressure is on to check off the rest of your summer to-do list! Before you start stressing though, a month is plenty of time have some family fun!

And we mean real fun, screen-free, work-free, old fashioned family fun. Whether you are indoors or out, it is important to just be together, away from stresses and distractions!

Here are some fun ideas your family can do together to strengthen your bond and make memories that will last a lifetime!


The earth is such an interesting place! There are so many different climates, terrains and landscapes to explore. There is bound to be somewhere near you to go on a hike. Hikes don’t HAVE to be through the deep remote wilderness. Just pack some water and snacks into a day bag and hit the pavement. Whether you live in the mountains, plains, desert, woods, big city or small town, walking together has so many mental and physical benefits. After a couple of hours of walking together as a family, you will feel great. Walking/hiking together forces you to have a conversation without many distractions. And it is amazing the things you will notice while walking that you have never noticed while driving the same course. If you’re walking through a park, it’s fun to examine the unique nature around you. Encourage the kids to turn over rocks- who’s living under there?... run through the mud puddles (so what if they get messy!) and feel the different textured bark on the trees! Sometimes kids need a little motivation to keep going on a hike. So you could play a game like “Trail Bingo” or “Roving Hide & Seek.” Check out this post for more Hiking Game ideas!


This can be an impromptu thing, or a long term plan. Whatever your goals are, working out together as a family is so much fun! There are so many workouts that can be done with little to no equipment, with things around the house or with just your own body weight. The playground is also a great place to do a workout! Most workouts can even be modified to fit any ability. Not only can exercise strengthen your muscles, but it can also strengthen your mind and your family’s bond. You can even spice things up by turning exercise into a family competition! Who can do the most burpees [what’s a burpee?] or push ups in 3 minutes? Who can jump rope the longest without missing? Who can do the longest wall sit? [How to do a wall sit] Who can hold the longest plank? Check out this resource for some simple workout ideas!


Have a game night! Let each member of the family chose a couple of their favorite board games to play. HABA happens to have a large selection of board games that appeal to a wide age range! When kids are allowed to choose the game, they take pride in their choice and can take the lead on teaching everyone else how to play. Of course, younger kids will need help with this, but it is great to start early. Teaching a group of people to play a game helps kids to develop communication skills, reading and comprehension in a playful way. When everyone has the opportunity to choose the game, each participant is more likely receptive in learning each other's games. Gaming with family is serious fun! Try it and you may just help spark a weekly or monthly tradition! Grab a couple of our best-sellers like Rhino Hero, Animal Upon Animal, Monza or Karuba for your next game night!


Let the party go all night with a movie marathon and camp out in the living/family room! Let each member of the family choose a movie to watch, then have them bring all of their pillows and blankets in from their rooms. Create a huge family bed the size of the room and get comfy! You could even include snacks like popcorn (obviously) and sweet treats (not too much!) just like at the real movies! Some little ones even get a kick out of camping out in a (play) tent like one of our play tents!

Try one or all of these ideas and have fun making playful family memories!

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